YouTube Lifts The Standards To Video Ads

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YouTube To Launch A Music Streaming Service
YouTube To Launch A Music Streaming Service

YouTube is at it again, wanting to get a benefit from the global music industry. They are finalizing plans already to launch a streaming service to compete with Spotify and Apple Music. Remix, as the name of the service is still called by insiders, should feature an on-demand music, similar to the rival company, Spotify. While still negotiating with other music groups, the company has actually sealed their deal with Warner Bros. Music Group.

Taking a look into the past, we have YouTube making this attempt to pick a spot in the music industry for the third time. The idea was first birthed with the welcoming of Google Play Music in 2011, which was followed after in 2014 by YouTube Music Key and was changed in 2015 to YouTube Red. We hopefully wait to see how YouTube, that is characterized by the provision of free music hopes to market this particular product. In all sincerity, we also hope that the product is marketed globally.