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The big two, Google and Facebook, are, apparently, doing their bit to make sure #RipTwitter becomes reality. How else can you explain the fact that Google is quietly making its own app, called YouTube Connect that can stream files. This is a very a direct challenge at Twitter’s popular streaming service, Periscope.

YouTube Connect

Facbook had already launched its own Periscope-like service known as Facebook Live and gone ahead to massively promote the new feature on Facebook. Celebrities have already being co-opted by Facebook to promote Facebook Live. Even the official Oscars Awards Facebook page used Facebook Live to stream some parts of this year’s events.

A report by Venture Beat is saying that YouTube Connect would have almost all or the same features as Facebook Live and Periscope. And for those who already have a Google or YouTube account, using YouTube Connect would be very straightforward. After downloading the app, logging in does not require a new account. Just use your already existing YouTube or Google account. Next step? Start streaming from your smartphone immediately.

That is not all though. On the YouTube Connect user interface, features like how to tag  friends and people or firms whose channel you are subscribed to on YouTube are also available. Another remarkable feature is the information feed that lets you know about the latest videos from friend or your subscribed channels.

youtube connectVideos can be watched in two ways: right inside the YouTube Connect app or on the regular YouTube site. Viewing the streaming video on YouTube entails going to the respective YouTube channel of the person, group or organization streaming the video. Again, users can save old streamed videos in YouTube Connect. The implication is that you can always come back and re-watch the videos at your leisure.
For now, YouTube Connect videos cannot be shared on other social media network like Facebook and Twitter. This might change in the future when the app is fully launched for everybody

Why it took Google this long to introduce a live streaming app is very surprising. YouTube, as the world’s most popular video site, is all about videos. Having all kinds of video services should have being part of its structure. Live streaming is now big. It is almost like chatting to friends or an audience using video instead of texts. People generally relate better to what they see. Manual Bronstein, Google’s Head of Consumer products said,

“Broadly speaking, we think about YouTube being synonymous with video…Live has alway been a part of video. And it’s actually always a very exciting part!”

Well, Mr Bronstein, that is stating the obvious. The challenge for Google now is to make sure YouTube Connect offers as much as it is promising. The people at Google already have a massive user base in YouTube, so if YouTube Connect fails to make the grade, it would be because Google did not do their homework very well. With their Resources and manpower, YouTube Connect might just be the next big thing in online video streaming. Periscope is likely to be the first casualty of a successful YouTube Connect.


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