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Well, nowadays, most people do not raise an eyebrow when Google launches an app, but we do hope this one’s different. Google seem like they want to redefine the way people watch YouTube videos as they launch an app that lets you watch YouTube videos together with your friends. Errm, i don’t know why i have a different feeling about this.

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So what Google Uptime does basically is to take an existing YouTube video, and makes it more interactive by letting you watch it with your friends. How? You can see where  your friends are in a video, time wise as compared to you. You’ll also see reactions in the form of sparkles or different cartoon faces.

Google Uptime
Google Uptime


>> share YouTube videos with friends, and then watch them together in real-time.

>> Users can chat with each other, and leave comments and emoji layered on top of the video

>>Follow other users within the app


Before now, Google had first published Uptime in March. It came then as an invite-only limited beta test, but now, the app is now freely available to all iOS users. It is also not yet available for Android users, for reasons which we do not know.
Many have opined that Google should have integrated this feature into the YouTube app but they claim that the Uptime app was built by Area120, which is an experimental research and development unit launched by Google last year to turn left-field ideas from Google engineers into actual products. In my own opinion, i would say that Google would rather want to build a different platform than just capitalizing on the already made popularity YouTube has. I do think it is a very good move.
On why Google apps are not making a headway, i think they should apply the facebook approach to apps. They should begin to buy apps with prospects, than build one themselves. I’m saying this with reference to Facebook’s experience with Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Snow and a lot other applications they had one time wanted to buy.



  1. Yes google by now should have been more developed by facebook.
    But it just that their too limited give mark google to operate You See how he will transform it.
    Imagine building an app supporting YouTube instead of building the one that will improve yours

  2. Google according to my judgement, has been impressive all these years of existence. Google is trending its YouTube videos this time. It’s viable and interactive I must say with Google Uptime!

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