Facebook videos cast to compatible TVs

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Facebook are very relentless in promoting all things videos in Facebook. Now, the company has launched a new service that would enable users to watch Facebook videos on bigger TV screens.

Facebook videos cast to compatible TVs
Facebook Videos

This is an awesome idea if you love viewing Facebook videos on your phone or laptop. But for now, the service is only available to iOS devices. Devices running the Android OS would have their turn down enough.

However watching Facebook videos must be done in conjunction with compatible TVs. These include Apple TV, AirPlay devices, Google Cast devices and Google Chromecast.

So I guess that would dampen the initial enthusiasm if you don’t have these products and don’t have money to purchase them.

For those who have everything ready and are good to go, look for the the Facebook video you want to watch on your phone or computer; hit the TV icon at the top right hand corner and from the list of devices, select the the one you want to stream your video through.

Streaming your Facebook videos through your devices doesn’t mean you can stop viewing your News feed though. Ad a matter of fact, while the video is being streamed on the larger screen, you can continue scrolling through your News Feed to search for other videos or just to read other posts.

Facebook videos cast to compatible TVs
Facebook cast

Obviously, what is showing on the larger screen would be for the benefit of perhaps friends or families who are present at the time. So while they watch the video clips, you can keep on doing your thing on Facebook.

The fearure did not suddenly come out of the blues. Testing had been going on for some time now. Testing on Android devices actually started in May. While for iOS, testing started just two months ago.

Seeing that Android devices have been in test mode far longer than iOS, it is very easy to conclude that Facebook engineers are experiencing difficulties in getting the feature to work on Android devices.

One can understand why Facebook is launching this service. Streaming content on larger screens is already present in YouTube. Periscope too already have the service. So this could be seen as Facebook making sure it has everything the competition have in their arsenal. After all, Facebook intention for its video services is about using the over one and a half billion users of Facebook to become the number one online video streaming service.

Facebook videos cast to compatible TVs
Mark Zuckerberg solidly behind Facebook videos

Announcing the service yesterday, Facebook said that:

Video on Facebook helps you to connect with the people and stories you care about every day, whether you’re watching personal moments from your friends, learning how to cook delicious meals or keeping tabs on the latest election news.

We’re focused on creating video experiences that people want, and we’ve heard that people want different options for how and where they watch videos that they discover on Facebook. To give you even more ways to watch, we’re excited to roll out the ability to stream videos from Facebook to your TV — through devices like Apple TV or Google Chromecast — so you have the option to enjoy your favorite videos on a bigger screen. You can already stream Facebook videos to Apple TV (and other AirPlay-enabled devices) or Chromecast (and other Google Cast–enabled devices) from an iOS device or your web browser, and soon you’ll be able to cast from Android devices to Chromecast as well.”

What Facebook is not telling anyone is that creating a product like this is to ensure they get more revenue from ads. The logic is simple. Bigger screens translates into better viewing experience. Which ultimately means more people would want to key into the service and spend more time on it.

And that is where the rub is, more eye balls can be thrown at ad companies to get them to market their products on Facebook videos.


image credit: Facebook; marketingland.com; indianexpress.com