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Latest news has it that YouTube has just introduced a mobile update that will allow you to dynamically adapt a video to whatever size you choose to watch it in. This is a significant upgrade from the norms before now.

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Well, maybe to increase “watchability”, YouTube has decided to inculcate this ability on their platform. So be rest assured that someone blackened areas won’t appear no more on YouTube when you want to view a video vertically.

Thing is this is only available for the mobile users. YouTube users on PCs and desktop would have to wait for their own time. The time is when we do not know yet, but I think since an upgrade has been done for the mobile, PCs and desktops should follow suit as soon as possible.

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According to the stats, the company (YouTube) has recorded 1.5 billion “logged” in viewers every month — which stands as a very impressive feat! Asides from this fact, YouTube also revealed that on the average, their viewers watch more than one hour of YouTube content everyday. Now, this metric is only for videos  consumed via mobile devices, no PC or Tablet.

With all these gravity of stats up there, I can only imagine how much a lot of these digital companies are making from digital marketing. Who wouldn’t want to advertise with such companies especially when it seems that that is where all the attention are directed towards.

Comparing YouTube with facebook, one cannot explicitly determine or state which one is doing extremely better but then, facebook has as much users as YouTube while also offering video contents – as YouTube – and many othe very addictive features too.

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So basically, I’d say that companies like facebook, and all just have to become more creative – like Google has just done with YouTube, and facebook have always done. Be sure to watch out for facebook’s reaction. The competition makes it even better.



  1. Besides we are in the computer, there should be better usage and experience of these social media apps.

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