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When I start writing about how Facebook is being very creative in the market, some would think it is an overhype. But then, when you look at the addition of features by a lot of other facebook products – Instagram and Whatsapp,  you’d confirm my claim.

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Well, Whatsapp has introduced another feature and this one’s sure to garner a lot of interest by users. You remember when you wished you could send all kinds of files to friends on Whatsapp, well I think that time has come.

The new File sharing features recently upgraded will allow you to send any type of files to your WhatsApp contact. Any type of files you can think of at all and it currently enables users to share a maximum file size of 100MB (Android), 128MB (iOS) or 64MB (desktop).

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It is currently been rolled out to some beta users… with time, it will get to everybody. The roll out of sharing of all file types is for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users! How the owners get to be so creative and identify the exact need of the users is alien to me.

But again, don’t you think Whatsapp, with over 1 billion users already has reached its maximum point? This could explain why more of their features are targeted towards keeping their already made customers, rather than making new ones.

A limiting factor that could be identified as why Whatsapp isn’t as popular as Facebook is because of the limited devices it supports and lack of website support. The Facebook app is supported on virtually all phones that have access to the internet, unlike Whatsapp. Still yet, the margin is close.

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At this rate which Facebook’s product popularity are on an increase, it would only be right if they keep releasing features that would keep user’s interest. This they have been doing for a while and have mastered the art. They should also be on the lookout, so some new app does not just come out of the blues and win users over.



  1. I really appreciate this. I have always wanted to share files with alot of people. Impressive I must say!

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