Facebook stop collecting European WhatsApp data

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When developing applications or any thing at all, be it online or offline, it is very important that the disabled people are put into proper consideration. For the purpose of this post, and update, the visually impaired are given a special consideration.

Whatsapp now inculcated with Siri
Whatsapp now inculcated with Siri

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Recall that recently, a hackathon was sponsored by Access bank of which startup app VoiceIT emerged that winner. VoiceIT is also an app aimed to assist the visually impaired with their bank transactions and all. For them to have emerged a winner, it goes a long way to preach how important the disabled are to our society.

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Well, it is good news to know that whatsapp too has joined this unofficial movement as they have launched an update to their iOS app, in which they put in consideration more than just normal people.

Whatsapp has added to its updated app, an improved support for SiriKit. Now users can use Siri to read out new messages, which is bound to be helpful for those who are visually impaired or unable to look at their phone’s screen, such as while driving.

iOS users can activate the feature in WhatsApp’s settings menu, and request that Siri read the latest message with the usual “Hey Siri” command. Replying by voice is possible too.

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I must emphasize the importance of features like this and how well it impacts the entirety of the society, which should be one of the main aims of technology in the first place.

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