WobZip file unzipper

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Wobzip file unzipper might not be the best online file unzipper out there, but it is among the top five if you have to make a list of the best. As an online tool, what we all cherish most is simplicity and efficiency. Wobzip file unzipper easily ticks those boxes.

WobZip file unzipper

If you are confused about what a zipped file is, here is a quick explanation. Sometimes, for easy uploading and downloading, various files are bundled together into a folder known as compressed folder before being uploaded. This makes it easy to download. Instead of repeating the download process for, let’s say, 20 different files individually, with a compressed file, you download the files just once. Now, to see the 20 files, you just have to do a simple unzipping of the downloaded compressed zipped folder on your computer. Popular unzipping softwares include WinRAR and 7-Zip.

Zipped files must be downloaded to your hard drive before you can unzipped the compressed folders. Online unzipping on the other hand does not require you to install the software on your hard drive. It is done online for you. All you need to do is download the already unzipped contents.

There are many reasons why you might need an online service like WobZip file unzipper. Perhaps your need to unzip a file on a computer without the required softwares. Or maybe, you need just one or two files in the zipped file, not the entire files. This is important if you want to save data or time. I have found myself unzipping a folder containing dozens of files, only to discover I needed just a couple. Get the drift?

To use WobZip file unzipper is so easy that if you have good Internet connection, it might render your WinRar or 7- zip redundant. It a simply a case of copying the url link and pasting it in the required box. But first you need to open the website at WobZip.org. The next steps are fairly straightforward.

wobzig file unzipper

To uncompress files from your computer: on the home page of WobZip file unzipper, select your file by clicking the ‘Browse from computer” tab; navigate to the zipped folder or file and select it. Then click “uncompress.” WobZip file unzipper would do the rest for you.

To unzip a file from a url: just copy the url link of the zipped file you want to download. Then paste it on in the WobZip file unzipper home page. Then hit ‘uncompress.‘ Again, WobZip file unzipper completes the job very fast.

It should be noted that the size of the zipped folder would determine how long the process would take. Also, your Internet network strength would play a part too. And the maximum file size to be unzipped cannot exceed 200 MB.

Since I discovered how to work with WobZip file unzipper, I juggle unzipping tasks between my 7-zip and WobZip. For small zipped files or zipped folders with too many files I don’t need, I simply do the job online with WobZip. If I want to upload a very important file to my dropbox to share it with friends, I download the whole zipped folder and use 7-zip to unzip it.

Watch video to see how easy it is to use WobZip

image credits: youtube.com; wobzip.org