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WizItUp K12, a down to earth e-learning platform for children,

Let’s take a look at WizItUp K12 from this perspective of mine. I have a young child that loves spending most of his leisure time with smart devices such as tablets and smartphones. What he does on the smartphone / tablet is basically playing games like Candy Crush or watching videos, take cartoons for instance. I wish for the child to spend most of his time studying or getting himself into mind-challenging activities. Oh yes, I wish for him to have fun like every normal child but I wish he spends a bit more time with academics. And here I am, I don’t want to get an lesson teacher for my child. Then, WizItUp K12 shows up with an e-learning platform that teaches a child in the most natural way and in the form every child will love. I’m going to download the app within minutes.

WizItUp offers different down to earth avenues for a child to learn from. There’s availability of numerous cartoons, rhymes, games that are education-focused and songs. To examine the child’s assimilation, there are over 2,000 practice tests targeted at subjects taken by pupils in various stages of education such as Kindergarten, Nursery and Primary stages education. The subjects that are available on the app are: English, Mathematics and Sciences.

Once the app is downloaded, there are two steps of registration to do. The first step of the registration is to be done by the parents. The parents first fill in their username, email address and other personal data required by the app. The next stage of the registration focuses on the child. The parents will fill in the child’s personal data and the required information such as the class, age and gender.

Free lessons are available on the app which can be selected from the three core subjects. The lessons are to be downloaded into the app from the topics selected in a particular subject; then learning commences.

Purchasing and unlocking of more lessons, games and cartoons is at the cost of US $8.4.

WizItUp Learning App is an innovation from Vericore Technologies Ltd. The IT organisation is preparing the launch of the app but the application is available for download on Google Play Store.