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With Poshrite, you have a higher chance of looking “posh”, however, there’s a catch,

Yes, I wasn’t mistaken with the previous statement. Poshrite aims to provide users with the ease of access to buy beauty products online and also order for beauty services. The clause about the platform is that it isn’t available at the moment. However, it is set to launch soon.

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According to the founders, Poshrite will be the first beauty social network for women of colour. The founders of the platform are Jarred Denzel Washington and Chidimma Nwankwo.

At its launch, Poshrite will not only make ladies have more access to beautification, but it will also make beautification experts have more chances of connecting with those in need of their services. Sounds tasty, right? I know we’re on the same page. This means that beauty services providers can get the necessary tools to improve their businesses. The platform aims to link up the beauticians with their potential users in a Groupon marketplace format where the communication link will hardly be faulty.

The platform aims to provide access to beauty contents on the go. Not just that, with the use of the “Search” feature on the platform, users can also search for interesting features about beautification on the platform. Information and trends in the world of make up, beautification will also be accessed by the users on the platform. Connecting beautification-minded people another aim Poshrite hopes to achieve.

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Users can buy the beauty products on the platform at different range of prices.Discounts are also available on the beauty products. With the use of a smart device or a PC, users can also book appointments with their favourite stylists.

To get more information about the platform’s launch, log on to www.poshrite.com.