Facebook public endorsement of political candidate

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One problem every Facebook ad user must have encountered while using the services must have been one associated with the payment of fess in dollars. Not to mention how expressly the naira have diminished already.

Well, presently, it is seeming like this problem is about to witness it end with the introduction of this newest service – PayU Nigeria. With PayU Nigeria, it has become easier for Nigerians to pay for Facebook Ads in Naira.

Facebook public endorsement of political candidate

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Also making it more easier is the fact that PayU Nigeria payment portal has been integrated with Facebook ads charging system. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? So if you’ve been wondering how exactly it works, just stay with me.

PayU simply accepts payment on behalf of Facebook and funds your Naira Facebook ad account. Facebook deducts payment for all your Facebook adverts from the prepaid balance and you can add more money at any time.

So let us assume you pay a sum of N2,000 through PayU, this same sum will be displayed as the balance of your Facebook ad account prepaid balance and it is from the same N2,000 that Facebook will deduct payment for your Facebook adverts.

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The selling point of PayU Nigeria to Nigerians is that you will be charged in Naira for your ad campaigns and you can even set a daily budget as low as N500. So, assuming you’ve been paying like $0.01 per post engagement before now, Facebook might charge you as low as N3 per post engagement. So, you no longer have to assume you will be charged N315 per click or N499 per click.

So people, If you’ve set Naira as your money in your Facebook ads account and you’ve not been able to pay for your Facebook ads with cards like GTBank Mastercard, you can now do that by making use of “Naira card installment with PayU”, of which you will need to set up a new Naira Facebook ad account for, through your personal facebook account.

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Also, it isn’t new that the central bank has placed limits on dollar transactions in the country, where you cannot pay more than a stipulated amount in dollars. Well, I must say that PayU Nigeria is a very timely service as it came at the right time to bail Nigerians out of the “struggle”.


What do you think of this newest development?