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I love everything about tech. Sourcing tech review sites, Tech news sites and post them in my own very styles is my job at TechProducts

Though we couldn’t reach the targets of reaching 1k share and 1K Likes on our FACEBOOK Page at TechProducts. We promised to give out #5000 to five people. We have selected 5 people who put more efforts in making sure we get 1K share.


Here is the list of the winners.  Wait.


Do not forget you can always win if you comment on our latest post here at TechProducts at the end of every month. ( Your comment should be a minimum of 15 words) so that these your comments do not look like spam.

So go ahead at start commenting on our every post that you see here on this techproducts tech website.

Here are the of Winners of TechProducts Facebook fanpage. Another competition will be loading this week on Thursday. Do not be far away from this site at

As promised last week Friday, even though we didn’t reach 1k shares
Here are the list of TechProducts Winners

1. Adesola Wiselord Hakeem (Not only does she share and like the post, she also invited her friends likewise all the other names listed below)
2. Rahmony
3. Olayinka Ayoka Oyeyiola
4. Oladele Olusola Onigbogi
5. Rita Joe-Wesley Finnest Mum


If your name is on this list, congratulations: Please go ahead to our Facebook page to either send us your phone number (if you want a 1k recharge card or your account details, if you want a bank transfer)

Share this post, so that those who consigned know they have been declared winners.


Didn’t win this time around, there is always another day, remember?



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