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Google, Facebook and Wikipedia made announcements last week about the plans put in motion to tackle “fake news” online.

Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales announced last week Monday that a new online publication known as “Wikitribune”. The goal of Wikitribune is to tackle fake news by forming pairs of professional journalists with multiples of volunteer contributors.

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Once Wikitribune is launched, it’ll create more fact-checked news as professional and citizen journalists will link up to tackle fake news. The founder Wales is very optimistic about Wikitribune as he believes it will help make the correct news overshadow any glimpse of fake news.

Regarding the prospective launch of Wikitribune, Mark Marino, University of Southern California’s Director of the Humanities and Critical Code Studies said it shows that Wikipedia has developed a sound system to establish the truthfulness of news content.

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Last week Tuesday, Social media giant Facebook said tests have started on its article-related feature – “Related Article”. The feature gives Facebook’s recommendation on the article just read by users.

Also on Tuesday last week, Big Daddy Google announced that its search processes have been optimized to bring its users high-quality content as top search result.

The steps Google took to produce high-quality contents are the refurbishing of the guidelines used by Google’s quality raters to analyze the efficiency of Google’s algorithms in spotting problematic content that could lead to misinformation. Furthermore, Google made its Help Center and How Search Works site to elaborate on its transparency regarding curbing the act.

“These guidelines will begin to help our algorithms in demoting such low-quality content and help us to make additional improvements over time,” stated Ben Gomes, a vice president of engineering at Google.

Despite the moves made by these three internet giants, the CEO of Tellagraff, Mark Graff still believes fake news will still have medium to spread stating it out that there are no sanctions for liars.

“The essential problem is there’s no punishment for people who tell lies to the world,” said Graff.

“Even if Google tweaks its algorithms and Facebook makes it easier to flag fake news, unless there’s some cost to spreading lies, people will use the Internet as a megaphone to spread lies,”  continued Graff.



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