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Sorry I am always worried about Nigeria internet service, I do not if this is peculiar to where I stay currently, because it has turn to my everyday fear of how I will connect to internet tomorrow. So if I am worried about when Aquila project will be fully implemented and have a landing here in Nigeria, please do not know me. 3G


As one of the biggest Facebook project Aquila, a project that was envisioned bring more people about four billion to online. The main visioned of the Aquila project is to reach more people to help them connect to the internet and through that, more progressive, employment and ease access to health information and general social aspect to human race can be improved.

Research Lab Facebook for building Aquila project
Research Lab Facebook for building Aquila project
facebook Solar powered aquila
Facebook Solar powered Aquila


the aquila protype on test flight
the Aquila protype on test flight

The full scale testing of the unmanned Aquila was tested some days ago, though before now, about 1/5th of capability of the Aquila had gone for testing, but this recent testing was the first time,  it was tested in full. Aquila project is being led by ex Google executive  from the Research Lab of Facebook.


From day one, connectivity has always being one of the keyword of Facebook CEO, and the research Aquila will definitely so many remote areas in the world connect to the internet, in accomplishing the vision of Mark Zuckerberg. The Aquila is one only the project Facebook is working on to connect the world.

We have the Opencellular, that was just make known of  a recent. Opencellular is like a device, a bigger modem, companies can hang around  a pole to connect people like a wifi. One opencellular will be able to connect about 1,500 people in a community.

Facebook also have Internet.org, a project to give free internet to poor communities and people to enjoy some basic websites, like Facebook itself. Though project has received lots of criticism from different countries. The criticism of which one I think is genuine, everyone should be committed to internet neutrality, of which Facebook want to defeated, by only offering free internet to some selected sites that we do not know how they approved or denied them. The project, which is Free basic came live in Nigeria some months back in partnership with Airtel Nigeria

Internet access can offer life-changing opportunities, information, and experiences, but 1.6 billion people today live in remote locations with no access to mobile broadband networks. Facebook is building new technologies like Aquila to help address this challenge.

When complete, Aquila will be able to circle a region up to 60 miles in diameter, beaming connectivity down from an altitude of more than 60,000 feet using laser communications and millimetre wave systems. Aquila is designed to fly for up to three months at a time.


Facebook’s mission is to connect the world and with their growing team of aerospace, optical physics, RF communications and other world experts, and existing relationships with the technology community, telcos, governments, and communities that use Facebook, the company is uniquely positioned to do this work.

To date, Facebook’s connectivity efforts, which include initiatives like Free Basics, are estimated to have brought more than 25 million people online who wouldn’t be otherwise.