Facebook stop collecting European WhatsApp data

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Personally, I have been in situations not only on whatsapp, but other instant messaging applications where I almost regret sending a particular message and would immediately feel the urge to ‘unsend’ that message. I have always felt there is a need for the ‘unsend’ feature on whatsapp just like the ‘unlike’ feature needs to be on Facebook.

I am beginning to believe my feelings or thoughts on this would soon be met with a ray of hope, as there are certain hints that sooner than we might think, there’ll be an unsend feature on our dear whatsapp.

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Well, this is according to a twitter updates be reputable @WABetaInfo, which is quoted thus; “WhatsApp beta for iOS how revoking messages work. #hidden #whatsappbeta”.

Whatsapp unsend message
Whatsapp unsend message

There would also be the ‘edit’ feature in the next whatsapp update which will soon hit us. I must say that whatsapp has been very creative as regards their updates and has been adding very useful and exciting features which can only help increase their over 1 billion users.

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It is also worthy of note that they have been outsmarting other competitors like brother instant messaging app, Facebook, snapchat, imo, Google’s Allo and a host of others. Thumbs up to whoever is managing the aspect of updates and new features, they have really done well in their respective regard.

Well, on the update, I am not sure how fast you’ll have to act to revoke the messages or when the feature will roll out to all users, but it’s likely that iPhone users will get it first when it becomes available. I’m very sure the iOS fanboys would be happy with this one, as their android counterparts would have to wait some more weeks, maybe even months to enjoy this new feature.

Facebook stop collecting European WhatsApp data
Jan Koum, Founder and CEO of WhatsApp

But from the looks of it, you will be able to revoke text messages including the ones with some sort of media content by tapping on the message you would like to unsend, this will open up a menu where you should see the revoke option.

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So while we are, I guess we can only wait and see what the next line of action of whatsapp’s direct competitors would be. Would they stay put or go ahead to launch even a better upgrade? We’re watching…

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