whatsapp now lets you mention users in a groupchat

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After whatsapp rolled out a new feature for its Android beta testers that lets users quote a specific message and reply to it, an update which was spotted in Android beta build (version 2.16.118) and the update available for both person-to-person chat and groups, they have now added another Twitter-like feature to group messaging. The Facebook-owned messaging app now lets users mention other users in group chats JUST LIKE TWITTER.


whatsapp now lets you mention users in a groupchat
Whatsapp now lets you mention users in a groupchat

To use this new feature, all you have to do is head to a group chat and type the ‘@’ symbol followed by the name of whoever you want to mention (just like you would on Twitter). WhatsApp also pulls up a list of names within that group, so you can tap on the name (or number, if the person isn’t saved as a contact on your phone) you want to add them as a mention. You can mention as many people as you want.

This update is part one of a string of shiny new updates that should be available in coming weeks. Chief among them will be GIFs, video callingand two-factor authentication (for security oriented users).

Meanwhile in the constant battle of who has the coolest features, iOS seems to be winning. Word has it some Apple users can now send, receive and view GIFs in chats.For Android users, GIFs are still attached to message threads as videos. But that should change sometime in the near future.

Everybody is just adding new and cool features everyday, Facebook with Live video, now Whatsapp has the mention feature and imagine twitter saying they want to reach 550million users, I laugh in Swahili.

What’s your take on this new feature guys? For me, it’all enable me call out all those people that seem to hibernate in groups. Sad news for them sha.