Whatsapp may soon let you protect chats with passcode

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According to a report by Android Authority, a future update to the app will permit users to enter a six-digit passcode should they wish to shore up local defense against intrusion.

Recall that whatsapp had earlier introduced the end to end encryption. When end-to-end encrypted, your messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents, and calls are secured from falling into the wrong hands.

Whatsapp may soon let you protect chats with passcode
Whatsapp may soon let you protect chats with passcode

In this method of securing your communications, the key to the encryption is known only by the sender and the recipient, and your message isn’t decrypted when it’s stored on the company server. It sits there, fully encrypted, and totally inaccessible to WhatsApp (or whoever else might get access to that server).

Obviously, this is the most secure way to send messages. Not even the company that provides the service can snoop on your messages. Which means if the government gets a secret warrantfor their servers, they can’t either. If they get a hold of your phone, it might be another story, but that seems quite a bit less likely because even with end-to-end encryption on board, WhatsApp can do little to stop people from reading your messages should they manage to get into your phone.

Apparently spotted within a WhatsApp translation program, strings include references such as ‘Enter the current six-digit passcode’, ‘Passcodes don’t match. Try again’, and ‘Enter a recovery email address’. The recovery email part may be optional, notes the report, as a way for users to recover account access should they accidentally lock themselves out.

Well, we don’t not know when whatsapp would begin to roll out this new feature, but whenever they do, I think it would be extremely useful to prevent intruders whose sole aim on your smartphone is to read your whatsapp messages. At least, if they would, it would certainly be with your consent.

What do you think about this feature guys?