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Facebook has just shown us that they aren’t done with their blatant copying of Snapchat. From the days of copying Snapchat stories only to effect it on Instagram stories and now, Whatsapp stories, seriously?

The stories feature will replace the app’s text-based status messages. The feature begins rolling out to WhatsApp’s billion-plus users today on Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone.


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WhatsApp stories are posted from an in-app camera. Immediately you’ve taken a photo, you are at liberty to adorn it with drawings, text, and emoji. Once you post your story, it appears in a new “status” tab, where your contacts can view it for the next 24 hours. You can reply to friends’ updates directly from the post.

Instagram Stories copying Snapchat Stories
Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories

If we were to be counting scores, then this most recent development makes WhatsApp to be the fourth Facebook product to clone Snapchat stories. Instagram was the first, in August. It was followed by Facebook Messenger and then Facebook itself, both of which are still testing the feature in a small number of countries.

WhatsApp is Facebook’s second product to roll the feature out globally.

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According to Verge, reports has it that WhatsApp positioned the update as a gift to users on its 8th birthday, and a kind of symbolic return to its origins.

“When WhatsApp launched nearly 8 years ago (on Feb. 24th), it started as an app for sharing status updates, where people could type a short line of text to let their friends know what they were up to,” the company said in a blog post. “When we noticed people were using the feature to communicate in real time, we redesigned WhatsApp as a messaging app.”

Now, I do have a feeling that there might be a personal build up to this matter. Maybe a personal problem between Mark Zuck and Evan Spiegel. This is way more than just a bid from Facebook which Snapchat rejected.

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I guess now, Evan Spiegel’s girlfriend would have a whole lot to say about Facebook’s blatant copying of Snapchat features. And you know what? Facebook is just getting started with that.