Put a smiley face on it: WhatsApp is getting its own emojis.

The Facebook-owned company on Monday unveiled a proprietary set of the symbols that will be used in its chat app. Previously, WhatsApp used Apple’s emojis not only in its iPhone and Mac apps, but also in its apps for Android and Windows devices.

WhatsApp has unveiled its own emoji set and it looks a bit familiar

Despite the change, it looks like WhatsApp took a lot of inspiration from Apple’s designers. For the most part, it’s hard to tell the difference between WhatsApp’s emojis and Apple’s.

WhatsApp has unveiled its own emoji set and it looks a bit familiar. WhatsApp’s new emoji design doesn’t stray far from the Apple designs it used until now

That’s not to say they are indistinguishable, however. WhatsApp’s information desk lady emoji has a teal shirt and a bob, while Apple’s has longer hair and a purple shirt. And WhatsApp’s ghost emoji, unlike Apple’s, doesn’t have a black eye or gray shading.

The messaging company’s symbol set is only in beta. So, it’s possible WhatsApp will tweak some of the icons before officially launching them.

The rollout of the new WhatsApp emoji comes as Facebook is going in the opposition direction with Messenger, its other big chat app. The social networking giant on Monday announced that Messenger would no longer be using Messenger’s own proprietary set of emojis.

Instead, the Android and web versions of Messenger will use Facebook’s set of emojis, yet another set of symbols the company has created. Meanwhile, the iPhone version of Messenger will rely on Apple’s emojis.