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In what might seem to be a rare ray of hope to some blackberry loyal users, our dear Whatsapp has decided to rethink their earlier stand on when the instant messaging app service would cease to stop working on blackberry phones.

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WhatsApp co-founder, Brian Acton said, “We are going to extend BlackBerry through the end of 2017”. While I think this sounds as a relief to most blackberry users, I think the more relief need would be that they upgrade. Recall that the blackberry operating system was said to be having a 0.0% Market share. How bad?

Note: all BlackBerry devices running our flavor of secure Android, including PRIV, DTEK50/60, and the new KEYone, will have access to WhatsApp indefinitely.

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This is not the first time WhatsApp dropped the deadline for their support. Previously, WhatsApp was ending support for BlackBerry 7 & BlackBerry 10 devices on December 31st, 2016.

Supported devices:

Android 2.3.3+ (includes BlackBerry PRIV, BlackBerry DTEK50/60 and BlackBerry KEYone)

Windows Phone 8+

iOS 7+

Supported until end of 2017:


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But come to think of it. I would want us to profer some theories here. What if Blackberry regain control of the market, and are able to amass marketshare up to half (please we’re just imagining). Dont you think Whatsapp will allow their product be supported on their devices? But then, Blackberry could prove stubborn and stop them.

Right now, it seems to me like Nokia smartphones has acquired more market share than even Blackberry. We do not know what has gone wrong with them but we do know there’s something. By the way, do you think Blackberry can pull a ‘Nokia’ on the smartphone industry? I think not.



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