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Being a creative genius does not necessarily make you a fantastic business and personnel manager, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of facebook is not an exception. With 1.49billion active users and 10,955 employees as of june 30,2015, Mark does not only have a large consumer base to manage but also large number of employees to surpervise. Like any other CEO out there ,Mark is definitely not a superman, so he has got to employ management staffs. Mark may be responsible for setting the overall direction and product strategy for the company but ultimately his hired management team dictate how things flow. This may bode well in some areas and not so well in others, with millions of applicants trying to work for the tech giant yearly and a very strict recruitment policy,we take a look at Facebook beyond the blue themed website with like and share buttons all over;
When you have free and unrestricted access to well cooked meals at your workplace, the chances of “going hungry on the work” is quite frankly almost non-existent. That’s the experience at facebook, the tech giant likes dealing with lots of challenges but definitely not with the challenge of hungry employees. Employees at facebook have on different occasion testified about the impeccable meal services the company offers. mark perharps had pre-knowledge of the fact that hungry staffs are particularly not very productive, you don’t want a customer care staff barking at a caller due to some certain “stomach discomfort”. If your current boss is a pain in the ass when it comes to employee feeding issues, then you might want to send your next application letter and CV to facebook, oh well, at least for the food.noting beats a good breakfast and a tasty lauch.
Millions of people claim that the work for the passion of it,with the legendary “I just have a passion for the job, am not in for the money”, but not particularly up to a million people reject their pay due to this. In fact the claim of having a passion for the job is “sometimes” just a subtle way of asking for more pay(whodoesnt like a pay rise anyway?). facebook sure knows this, and seriously does its best to make sure its employees smile home with a fat pay. Gosh , a facebook intern takes home $35,000 than an average citizen. A facebook designer goes home with $133,000, a research scientist $137,000, a software engineer $125,000, a technical program manager $146,000, a senior software engineer $160,000, a data scientist $137,000 with other financial benefits and bonuses. Got a bad paying job? Try facebook.
Tech company Employees hate lots of things, really lots of things but definitely not some pecky benefits. Rivalled only by search giant Google, facebook is among very few tech firms with quite interesting and attractive benefit packages for its employees. From a comprehensive health insurance to a long for month maternity/paternity leave allowing employees to bond with their new borns, the list of benefits goes on and on, and surprising each looks fantastic. Other benefits include;life assurance,employee stock purchase plan,fertility assistance,adoption assistance,military leave,paid holidays,unpaid extended leave,bereavement leave etc.
the most obvious among very critical issues with facebook is perhaps its amateurish management which is to be fair a signature problem affecting companies moving from their startup mode to a more mature company. With an inexperienced management in place things tend to frequently go south between managers and their respective employees.
Behind the cosmetic professionalism portrayed by facebook PR teams and management staffs,the company as a work place lacks professionalism at a fair degree. An anonymous facebook engineer on Quora summed it all by saying “at most companies you put up a wall between a work personality and a personal one, which ends up in a professional workspace, but because the culture at facebook implicitely encourages employees to be themselves, the company lacks the professionalism found at other firms ”. with the “be yourself” mantra chanted by facebook bigwigs, being yourself can just be about any thing, from the cool to the not so cool ones.



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