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No matter how old a thing is, or how out of current trend it is, it would surely have what it is good for. Just that in the case of these old Nokia phones, we never envisaged the use we were being hit with from people. Keeping in mind that the phones are now very scarce, the limited version are of very important use now, at least to some ladies.

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The online publication, Agents of Ishq surveyed well up to 100 women about their masturbating tools and guess what? They discovered that a lot of the women would rather use the old Nokia phones when masturbating. Just so you know, the vibrating power in Nokia phones is really strong, making it the perfect alternative to vibrators which are difficult to get in a country like India.

nokia before

True that most women in india would have little or no access at all to purchase vibrators or other sex toys, given how highly placed their morals is. Hence, they decided to stick with the old Nokia phones for their sexual pleasure. Nokia would be very happy to know how multi purposeful their product has become. You don’t still believe right?

Nokia 3310 (2017) Price In Nigeria, Full Specifications And Review
Nokia 3310 (2017) Price In Nigeria, Full Specifications And Review

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If you still have doubts, then head to twitter when through some tweets, the act is being confirmed.

A tweet attribute to @AlexDervin41 reads that “Re-releasing the Nokia 3310. Finally, a phone cheap enough to double as a sex toy.”

Another from @SlightlyWinded reads “OH: “He had an old Nokia running the Sybian Operating System. Wait, isn’t that a sex toy?” Maybe put it on ‘vibrate’, and find out.”

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Well, I believe Nokia people are surely reading this and they would always have it in mind, not to just create smartphones for the immediate needs of customers, but would put into consideration their other need. BTW, what do you use the old Nokia phones for?



  1. It’s unfortunate to know how ladies could this phone as sex toys in order to satisfy their libido. Anyway, mine was distorted.

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