Facebook ljve video stream

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Tomorrow night, Facebook live video would stream the Oscars live. This is coming courtesy of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Facebook page. For the unlucky majority who don’t have enough star power to attend the show, which by the way is the biggest event in the entertainment industry, they can now do that in the comfort of their bedroom, through the Facebook live video stream feature.

Facebook live video
                                                                                                               photo: comingsoon.net

Facebook live video stream is one of a myriad of changes that is being introduced to the world’s biggest online forum. Just a few days ago, extra emoticons were introduced to make Facebook a little more interesting with all our range of emotions on display. Facebook search too is being revamped in the last one year to make it more responsive to searches people do on Facebook. Basically a mini Google. All these new features coming to Facebook is seen as an attempt by Facebook to make the forum the number one place to be online. Which of course means more money and power to Mark Zuckerberg.

To watch the Academy’s Facebook live video stream, you need to like their page on Facebook first. Expect a huge swelling of the number of people liking that page in the hours leading up to the event. The live stream would cover events before, during and after the show. Live video would be streamed from the red carpet, backstage and top of the stairs leading into the Dolby Theater. Other video streams would come from the pre-show interviews stage, the wings of the main stage, the press room and the Governor’s Ball. Practically everything would be shown live on Facebook.

On this latest development, Josh Spector, Managing Director of the Academy’s Digital Media and Marketing department said,

“Facebook is an extremely valuable partner, and this year we’re teaming up to deliver a unique behind-the-scenes experience to our millions of Oscars fans on the platform. By using Facebook Live, we’re going to show fans a fun new angle on this incredible event.”

facebook live video
photo: youtube.com

This latest development would of course enhance Facebook’s profile as a serious player in online video. This is just part of the ongoing moves by Facebook to take up a share of online video niche. This started just last month when the Facebook live video stream was introduced in the US for iPhone users. The live video stream feature would now be made available to Android devices in the coming days according to Mark Zuckerberg.

Apart from the Academy’s video streams, celebrities like Kevin Hart and Whoopi Goldberg would also do their own Facebook live video stream to commemorate the 2016 Oscars. To watch the video streams from them, you have to like their pages on Facebook.

For us in Nigeria, who can’t watch the show live on ABC, this Facebook live video stream is an opportunity to get a slice of the action. I am torn though. I would love to view the live stream, but data is so expensive. I guess I’ll wait and download it later from the Academy’s page. The streamed shows would be made available later on demand for downloads. I hope it is free.