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The 2017 Re: Code Nigeria hackathon saw voice banking app, VoiceIt carting away with ₦1.5 million. The cash prize wasn’t the only thing VoiceIt laid their hands on; they also got a one-year access to IBM platform and Microsoft Azure (I’m imagining I’m in VoiceIt’s place at the moment, *chills*).

The event was organized by the Africa Fintech Foundry along with Flutterwave, Access Bank, Microsoft, IBM, and others. The aim of the hackathon was to build intelligent solutions to the most challenging problems faced by financial services in present times.

Numerous teams of designers, software developers, dreamers, code magicians and intelligent makers were pitched together at the event. This presented the atmosphere with a mesmerizing aura.

The hackathon spanned from March 24-26, 2017 where the teams were separated into seventeen (17). These 17 teams hacked solutions to financial services. The whole show went down with VoiceIt coming out as the winner just after a pitch session.

As I mentioned earlier, VoiceIt not only won ₦1.5 million but also got a year access to IBM platform and Microsoft Azure; that’s not all. The team has also gotten the access to Africa Fintech Foundry’s free mentorship and training.

Banking operations are carried out by voice on VoiceIt. VoiceIt gives the physically challenged a helping hand. Different bank activities are done on the app by voice commands. Activities such as transferring funds, purchasing data, checking of account balance are done by voice.

Coming second is the PaySense Team. PaySense Team developed Victor –a bot whose function is for smart payment and for financial advice- although it wasn’t enough to claim top position. The team that came second, that is, PaySense Team received ₦ 1 million along with other prizes. The team that came third is the team that developed a financial assistance tool named Fissit. The tool assists in tracking expenses, making payments at due time, managing finances and what have you. The team that came third smiled way with ₦500,000 along with other prizes.

Financial services aren’t kidding with incorporating into their financial services technology to the fullest. More of events like this will definitely favor the country.

What’s your take on VoiceIt’s emergence as champion?