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Are you tired of receiving unsolicited messages from your network providers already? Then I guess it is your time to smile as the hated NCC has at long last, come to our rescue.

According to the newest update, you can now report any network provider sending unsolicited messages to you as NCC are about to invoke the ‘Do Not Disturb’ code which ensures that Telcos stop sending unsolicited messages to their subscribers, and the defaukters will surely be punished accordingly.

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Quoting Professor Danbatta:

“If a consumer lodges a complaint to NCC that an MNO sends unsolicited text messages and the complaint from the consumer gets to us, we will ensure that the credit deducted from the consumers for these unsolicited text messages is returned to the consumer and we’ll also invoke provisions of the fine on the MNO which is N5 million.”

Right now, I’m sure you’re wondering how your complaint can “get to us (NCC)”. It is pretty easy..

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1. Calling the NCC Contact Centre toll-free number with a valid complaint Ticket number from the Service Provider on 0800-CALL NCC (0-800-2255 622).

2. Filling the online complaint form on the NCC web portal (We know how long this process can take).

But then, mixed reactions have trailed this new development. While some are very happy that something like this have come into place, others have their reservations decrying the fact that the fine that would be played would go into the NCC’s purse. I see this as a very fair one though.

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If at all customers are to get the fine, it will surely open doors to untruthful, unsolicited, not needed complaints who might want to get their own share of a prospective N5 Million fine which they didn’t work for. We all know Nigeria loves free things.


But then, your own opinion matters to us, what do you think?