Executive Director, UCC

Writer and Social entrepreneur.

In what might seem a bizarre move to monopolize social media in the country, the government of Uganda have decided to take control. Telecommunications regulator, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) will according to reports, this year launch local social media platforms in a bid to lower internet costs, the executive director Eng. Godfrey Mutabazi has said.

This would surely not be profitable or scalable except the present world social media giants are blocked in the country. It is also cut out Uganda from the rest of the world as most users of these intended platforms would be just Ugandans. While we think this move isn’t the best, the Executive director of the Ugandan Communications Commission thinks otherwise.

“That is one of the projects we are working on next year. There is an investor who is bringing our own social media platforms. Instead of Twitter, you’re going to have something local that you’re going to use,” Mutabazi told URN.

He went further to opine that “The moment you access the internet, you first go to America and come back when you are surfing. But if we had our own content here, it will be cheaper,”

“In a few years, the internet price will go down because we are going to encourage the importation of smartphones so that majority of people can use smartphones. One of the reasons why the internet is expensive is because capacity picked by telecommunication from Mombasa is used by few people,” he says.

Further more, he says that government and telecommunication industry players will be well encouraged to make use of the local social media platforms, while also promoting it. In a country with approximately 40 million people, Mutabazi says, it’s possible to have 10 million people subscribing to local social media platforms.

Well, we do think that they (the government) wants to have better control over the country’s new media which is a propeller for this move. Well, let see how things unfold and hear your thoughts too.