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It seems like there are more cab hailing platforms in Kenya than there are in other African countries. This is evident in the very dirty wars that go down amongst big daddy Uber and the local cab hailing platforms in the country. Well, here’s another episode.

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Sometime back, it was obvious that Uber lost the price wars to Little and Mondo Ride, which further meant that they had to think again how to get back some credits, and knowing that they had only one category of product in the Kenyan market, UberX which is the basic product in most markets.

Currently, if prices were to be compared, it’s cheaper to ride with Little with the Basic option and Uber must have known this. Also, according to testimonies from a few people, Mondo ride is even cheaper with an interesting revenue share that drivers prefer to Uber’s. Now tell me who wouldn’t prefer a cab that favors both the customer and the driver.

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Uber in response to the winning situation of their competitor, has announced that they are introducing a new product and with it comes new car types allowed onto the system. They are encouraging the small and old cars they had rejected earlier (Hatchbacks and old cars beyond 2008 as year of manufacture weren’t allowed).

They have also specifically recommended driver partners to sign up their 1000 cc Toyota Vitz. Uber is more keen on low cost fuel efficient cars between 800 and 1000 cc engines, but are welcoming all types of cars.

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Uber hopes that the move would enable them compete with Little’s Basic product that has 1000 cc cars as it’s mainstay. This new product would surely be cheaper than UberX, and it is a way Uber can offer cheaper prices without reducing the UberX rates. Drivers on UberX can also register their cars if they chose to go with the newest product – UberZ. All the best with competing, Uber.