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So for the first time in a while now, Uber decided to do something else to acquire new customers rather than just lower prices. They have finally decided to invest in creativity other than the normal business sense.

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In what I’d describe as a very excellent move, Uber has partnered Snapchat to launch a new feature that will allow users to share photos with their friends while on transit in a new move viewed to leverage social proof to market the platform in Africa.

These special filters through integration with Snapchat translates that Uber riders in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria are converted into ambassadors, to indirectly market the platform to their fans, friends and family.

According to Uber, the new feature is part of a continued upgrade of the Uber rider application that begun in November last year which introduced new features such as upfront pricing and estimate time of arrival at one’s destination.

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Uber  General Manager for East Africa, Loic Amado, says that, “In our new rider app, we start with your destination so we can get you there as fast as possible and also tailor the journey to you. But we also realize that you’re doing more than just going somewhere – you’re often going somewhere to meet someone. So, we are rolling out an integration with Snapchat so you can unlock custom Uber filters while you ride, and Snap your friends while en route.”

You must be an existing Snapchat user, and on an uber ride to access this new feature. While on the ride, Uber riders will see a Snapchat card in their feed. They will then need to select the type of filter they want to unlock, take their selfie, and swipe right. Riders can also use Uber filters with other Snapchat lenses for double the fun. The Snapchat integration will be available to riders on both Android and iOS.

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“Gone are the days of toggling between apps – you now have a fun and social way to share you’re in an Uber! This is one of many ways that we are working to ensure that we innovate to give our riders the best experience possible when riding with us,” added Mr. Amado.