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uber eats to launch in Johannesburg
Uber eats to launch in Johannesburg

The happiness being experienced by Uber; the world largest taxi company and the Lagos government might soon come to an end as the Lagos government is bringing up a new policy to regulate Uber and other taxi-hailing startups and tech companies in Lagos.

Of a recent, Uber Lagos announced that they have successfully completed their first 1 million rides in Lagos within the space of 16 months. This stats released by Uber shows that Uber is more successful in Lagos than London with 30% margins. This is a great feat since Nigeria, in general, is consider to be one of developing countries. Though the city concerned had come up in so many cities ranking as one of the top cities to watch after in the world concerning Urban development.

Though Uber have been expanding into food delivery, courier services with Uberevertying, experimenting and investing on Driverless cars, will also soon dump Google map due to increasing in the price of using Google Map

The Lagos government new policy which was aim to register taxi driving companies in a franchise and the franchise comes in 50 cars. Each registration costing N100,000. Now, you see where the problem is? So you need about a whopping five million naira to start a taxi business in Lagos without even putting the cost of the cars in consideration and the amount to pay drivers.

Of course, I know Uber do not buy cars, but driverless cars are coming and many taxi hailing companies in the world are investing in the idea

I wonder why our government has refused to make things easier for entrepreneurs, we as Nigerians might be thinking “nothing concerns us” we are not Uber. What of many entrepreneurs the Uber success story in Lagos might want to develop a taxi hailing app like that of Uber with a different strategy, so where is the encouragement from the government?

I believe Uber will survive this, I have read many times that Uber have always succeeded in any new policy aim at controlling them in the USA or in India, in China, it doesn’t matter, they always come stronger. Which them success in this new battle between it and LASG.

In a statement by Special Adviser to the governor on transportation, the policy is meant to help the passengers by protecting them. What happens in collecting #1,000, #2,000 as the registration fee? Why #100,000?

I believe there is always a need to generate taxes as new activities put more pressure on the little infrastructure that is in place by the government but the government shoul not kill startups,

do not discourage entrepreneurs,

do not chase away investors with one hand and use another to chase them away. This is my point.