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The chief executive of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has had his Twitter and Vine accounts hacked by the notorious group, OurMine Security.

jack Dorsey, Twitter, Hacked accounts , OurMine

OurMine Security is really gaining notoriety with the way it goes after the social accounts of the biggest names it can possibly hacked. Just Two weeks ago, they successfully hacked the Twitter and Quora accounts of Google CEO, Sundar Pichai.

Though at the time, Twitter claimed the hackers got Sundar’s account information through a breach in his Quora account. The overwhelming feeling was that, it wasn’t actually Twitter that was hacked.

And about 2 weeks earlier, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook also felt the brunt of OurMine hacking capabilities when his own Twitter account was accessed. Apparently, his Twitter account details were gotten from either LinkedIn which was breached some years ago or from his Pinterest account that also suffered the same fate.

jack Dorsey, Twitter, Hacked accounts , OurMine

However, of the entire hacking spree being done by OurMine, this must be the most embarrassing. For starters, even if the hackers did not actually breach Twitter to get at Dorset’s account, the fact that they must have got his details from Vine must be very telling. Thing is, Vine is owned by Twitter. And hacking the details of the CEO of the company that is seriously pitching online security to users does not inspire confidence at all.

Apparently, like Zuckerberg and Pichai, Dorsey also failed to heed all the simple rules required to keep your account details away from hackers. Or at the very least, make it hard for them to hack into your accounts.

Even Twitter itself released a blog post on how users can safeguard their details from hackers. It is now clear that even the owner of the company did not follow his own rules. Talk about a faux pas.

As usual OurMine, left a message on Dorsey’s Twitter timeline to announce their presence. The message which is becoming iconic read, ‘Hey, its OurMine, we are testing your security.‘ And the helpful link to their site.

jack Dorsey, Twitter, Hacked accounts , OurMine
Jack Dorsey’s hacked Twitter

Like we’d said in the past, OurMine are trying to brand themselves as security consultants. That is why at the end of each successful hack, they normally leave their url so the victims can go there and find out how to secure their accounts.

However, it would be hard for anybody to take them seriously as white hat hackers. They are getting real publicity from doing bad things. For that reason alone, potential clients would be afraid of doing business with people who dedicate time and resources to hacking the accounts of law abiding citizens.

It is possible they would get clients who would want to use their services. But I seriously doubt if they can attract legal business from these clients. The best they can get is business from people who want to use their expertise to hurt other people.

jack Dorsey, Twitter, Hacked accounts , OurMine
Jack Dorsey

This latest saga just proved what is already known about online accounts. No matter how long we shouted from the rooftop, people hardly ever take the time to secure their accounts with better passwords and so many other tips that are easily available. It is not rocket science.

As of the time of writing this report, Twitter has not released an official statement over the incident. I guess there is no way to spin this to look good. No way at all.

Today it is Dorsey, yesterday it was Zuckerberg and Pichai, who is it going to be tomorrow? One thing is for sure though, Dorsey’s won’t be the last we would be hearing about the hacking of online accounts of prominent individuals.

As for Dorsey, all I can say is, how could you allow this to happen to your account? Cover your head in shame.


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