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Social media giant Twitter has been implementing different measures to up its game so as to give its users more tweeting experience and to continue its A-list profile among the social media big boys. This time, the social media giant has ended the 140 characters limit on Direct Messages (DMs).

Countries around the world that have low internet connection problems were given more access to using the social media as Twitter launched a ‘Lite’ version. The Lite version of Twitter was targeted at the countries with low internet connections. The Lite version operates by allowing the users access the light web version with less data. Internet connection either strong or not could make the Twitter Lite accessed.

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Well, the latest upgrade to Twitter is the removal of the characteristic 140 characters on DMs. This simply means users can write messages that are longer than 140 characters to each other.

The removal of the limitation was Twitter’s action to make messaging between Twitter users more fluid. This change has been made effect on the different Twitter platforms which includes the Twitter apps and the web versions of Twitter on mobiles and PC.

Twitter users who aren’t really familiar with the 140 character limitation might be surprised there was even a limitation to the DMs in the first place. But come to think of it, every social media has its selling point and what makes its brand unique. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about any limitation to the DMs anymore. You can now be rest assured that the private Twitter messaging doesn’t have limitation character-wise.


However, the removal of the 140 characters on the DMs doesn’t affect the public status. The 140 characters are still the same on the status. Well, the DMs limitation that has been removed now means that when you want to relate the public tweets to the private DMs, you have no limitation.

So, you can go ahead to log on to your Twitter account and chat extensively without limiting your texts. Continue conversations about photos, trends, hashtags, new happenings, et al with limitless number of characters.