Twitter CEO account suspended, Jack dorsey

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For a brief period today, the world thought Twitter had finally thrown in the towel or are in the final stages of doing so. How else would one explain the fact that for some time, people who tried to view Jack Dorsey’s (CEO of Twitter) Twitter timeline saw the customary message that follows the suspension of an account?

Twitter CEO account suspended, Jack dorsey

Perhaps, some might have thought that even if Twitter wasn’t about to fold up as a company, a palace coup must have being initiated by some influential workers who got tired of Dorsey’s inability to make Twitter the force it once was.

That explanation wouldn’t be far-fetched as Dorsey’s brief when he got appointed CEO has not being met by a long shot.

However the suspension of that account did not last long though. It came back shortly after and the world was right again. But the now up and running account had a marked difference. Before the suspension, over 4 million people followed Dorsey on the social network.

Twitter CEO account suspended, Jack dorsey
Twitter CEO, Jacx Dorsey

In the immediate aftermath of the account coming back on, the number of followers was a miserly 142. Even me, a nobody, at that point had more Twitter followers than one of the most important figures of the tech world. I think I need an award for that.

People struggled to find answers to two prominent questions after this strange event. Both questions are rather obvious.

The first was why was Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account got suspended for that brief period. And the second was why the number of Dorsey’s followers shrunk so drastically.

Twitter did not do the world a favour by giving answers to those questions or putting out a statement that they were aware something like that even happened.

Twitter CEO account suspended, Jack dorsey
The suspension message on Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account

The only response from them was to quietly restore most of his followers by the time of writing this. I guess by the time you read this, his Twitter followers would have been restored by more than 80%.

What does this tell you about the policy of Twitter or other tech companies? Simple: you need to be an important personality for you to receive excellent customer service.

An acquaintance once complained about the problem he was having with Twitter’s customer care. He woke one morning to see that his account was acting funny. Basically, you could say the account was done for; as he couldn’t tweet or read or people’s tweets on his timeline.

It took a long back and forth, spanning over several weeks, between him and the tech guys before his account was restored to what it was.

Imagine the same thing happening to Jack Dorsey? His account being suspended for a few minutes is enough to get execs scurrying to create in-depth power point presentations explaining to the big man what really happened.

Some junior worker is going to get a good ticking over I am sure.

At this point in Twitter’s life, they cannot afford to show this sort of weakness. It was a few weeks ago that the news was very rife that Twitter was on the brink of being sold to other companies. Google and Disney were mentioned. The most serious contender though seemed to be Salesforce, a company known mostly for its cloud computing services.

Twitter CEO account suspended, Jack dorsey
CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff was thought to be a strong contender to buy Twitter

However, nothing came of those rumours even though many lost money on the stock exchange over the speculations.

The issue for Twitter is that they have not been able to swell their user base leading to huge financial losses for the company. Even upstart Snapchat, now has more daily users than Twitter.

Remember, in the good old days, it was thought that Twitter was on the verge of over taking from Facebook as the world’s premier social forum.

And in spite of several new features added to Twitter like video livestreams, new users still prefer to stay away from Twitter while old users are not motivated to tweet as much as before.

The future of Twitter would always be picked at with a fine comb. Any event, like the suspension of Jack Dorsey’s account, is just one more reason to have a go at the impending demise of Twitter.


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