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Tumblr users could do with a bit of good news for a change after hackers dumped the account details of about 65 million users on the dark web. And to rub it in, these hacked accounts were sold for a miserly $150. Was that to show the hackers disdain for the accounts? Well, who knows how the minds of these criminals work.


The good news for Tumblr users is that they decided to join the growing market of video live streaming by social networks and other video viewing sites. Some might say the success of Twitter’s Periscope started it all. But I don’t think so. Periscope has being around for a while now. But in the last one year several firms are rushing in to provide the service. It all started with Facebook when they launched Facebook Live, the live video streaming service which was a blatant copy of Periscope’s model. Facebook live has being very successful even celebrity events are beginning to use the service. In short order, YouTube too joined the live video streaming craze. These are the giants Tumblr is hoping to compete with with their 300 million mini bloggers. Twitter has just over 300 million users and are doing just fine.

Though Tumblr is yet to formally announce the take off of the live video streaming service, it is almost certain the service would be launched very soon. Twitter user David Charter was the one who exposed the promotional website Tumblr intended to use to sell the new service to its user’s and the world. According to the promotional, Tumblr has already created a web page for the service. It can be found at livevideo.tumblr.com.

The launching of the Tumblr live video streaming service is expected to be preceded by a number of activities. Some of them fun. And some nether here or there. One of the events would involve a live Tumblr broadcast from the surface of Mars. That would be interesting. I am just wondering the incentive Tumblr had to put before astronauts to get them to promote a commercial software. Lots of money must have changed hands I suppose. Also, Tumblr intends to teach interested people how to play basketball through the new video streaming feature. The resource person to be coach on the show comes no bigger than a Harlem Globetrotter. Are those dudes still in existence? Anyway that is something that is sure to attract a lot of people. The Globetrotters are a crowd puller any day.

Have you ever heard of Adam J. Kurtz? Neither have I until today. Apparently he is a very popular blogger, graphic designer and a sort of digital philosopher, whatever that means. Well, he must be very influential for him to be part of the expected launch if Tumblr’s live video streaming service. He is going to be available for a question and answer session during the launch.

According to Techcrunch, a user-facing video feature would be introduced for live video. I guess the only way to fully understand what that means is to actually see it in action.

And like all live streaming video services, live streaming can be done on either the web or through the use of mobile devices. Also video could be be played back at anytime because of the archive feature in the program. This is good. This way, there is the whole possibility of monetizing videos by users if a video can be re-watched as many times as possible. Just like YouTube.

It is a known fact that companies are keying into these niche because it is now the big thing. Users engage more easily with videos especially live videos. And for firms like Tumblr desperate to improve their popularity and cash, attracting more eye balls is one sure way of doing so. At least, Tumblr users would have more reasons to spend time on Tumblr. Which is very good for online ads.


UPDATE: Tumblr launched the service today as the rumors predicted. The service is in partnership with YouTube and YouNow and other video apps


photo credit: instinctmagazine.com