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So Travis Kalanick resigned as CEO of Uber some days back due to pressure from five major shareholders. He did this in order to keep the company he founded from any leadership crisis. At least, that what he says.

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News out there now is that drivers are circulating a petition that Travis Kalanick should remain at the company. In an email sent to Recode, it read that “Nobody is perfect, but I fundamentally believe he can evolve into the leader Uber needs today and that he’s critical to its future success,” the email reads. “I want the Board to hear from Uber employees that it’s made the wrong decision in pressuring Travis to leave and that he should be reinstated in an operational role.”

According to Margaret-Ann Seger, who works as a product manager at Uber, he wrote in a Facebook post: “I’m angry, sad, flustered, confused, but mostly just heartbroken.”

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Uber’s management team also sent out a staff email that read:

“First, as you’d expect, the emotions around Travis’ decision are intense. We understand that, and we want all of you to know that he did not make this decision lightly. Stepping back now was his way of putting Uber first, as he always has.”

“Travis gave more to this company than anyone. He had a deep and meaningful impact on countless numbers of people at Uber and around the world, and for that, we will forever be grateful.”

Employees have however been asking for Kalanick’s return. This they have been doing by sharing an internal link to Uber site. “My ask is simple: one click (and an optional note) to express your support for Travis’ return. The form is totally anonymous. I will deliver the results to the Board.”

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Truthfully, I really do support Kalanick’s return. It would be pretty hard to find a CEO that’d give his heart to developing Uber like Travis. The fact that Kalanick founded the company makes him the best person to be in charge. No one would want to see the company he founded go down the drain. Mark Zuckerberg comes to mind here.



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