Toyota TJ Cruiser 2017


Images of 2017 TJ Cruiser
Images of 2017 TJ Cruiser

With the increasing demand on the SUV wheels in a lot of regions around the world more particularly in the United States of America, the Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer – Toyota Motor Corporation which is headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan has decided to address this rising need with it debut Toyota TJ Cruiser in a way Toyota’s prior automobiles could not.

The project leader of Toyota’s TJ Cruiser Mai Takeiuchi explained in a statement that Toyota in relation to SUV purchasers consider their values, style and on the go convenience. Saying the customers love the outdoors and want to get out to nature.

The TJ Cruiser has a luggage capacity equal to that of a van and the stucture of an SUV which is even reflected in name given to the automobile as T stands for “ToolBox” and J for “joy”. This appears relatively off as a combination in English but it does translate the efficiency and durability of the car in relation to its tool-finish surfaces.

From observation the hood and various other external and internal panels are made durable, finely pebbled coating which a drippy and durable surface for placement of equipment and tools. Its design is after the order prior SUVs like Honda Element and Toyota FJ Cruiser in terms of being a work horse  but in a more compact package which is likely practical for urban drivers.

Side view of Toyota TJ Cruiser 2017
Side view of Toyota TJ Cruiser 2017

It has an ample cabin area, Toyota says is available and can be used like a “convenient tool”. Made up of large modular cargo space is the interior volume anlong side a covenient sliding rear door which is designed that way with the intention of maximal utility of the space as is the norm with Japanese homes.

The TJ Cruiser is designed with foldable flat seats on the interior with the abilty load up package up to three meters in lenght through the folding passenger seat. also buit in the back of the seats are tie downs across the vehicle so that cargo is safe when you fold them flat.

Though not the best design for efficient aerodynamics, the square body design of the SUV is best in terms cubic volume, the car also brags of tough under carriage and a large diameter tires with short front and rear over hangs. It also has its engine hood roof and fender plus its all in-cabin materials are resillient to dirt and damage.

The design of the Toyota TJ Cruiser is expected to be appealing to customers in Japan and markets beyond the  like North America, Europe and China. The Toyota company plans to rate the customer interest and response from the Tokyo Motor Show debute in other to rate its production or commercialization.

Assessments from Honda Element and FJ Cruiser in relation to the TJ Cruiser pretty much appears to its advantage that the car is a lit and good combination for urban use and out in the wild use.