Self Driving Cars

Toyota’s Research Institute makes plans to test its designed autonomous vehicle technology at the GoMentum Station, a proving ground that spans over 5,000 just for self-driving vehicles test and is located in Walnut Creek, California. This proving ground makes provision for TRI to test out both its ‘Guardian’ and its ‘Chauffeur’ autonomous driving systems, which aims at established automated safety protocols that will assist human drivers, and a hundred percent (100%) autonomy respectively.

TRI also recently launched its platform 2.1 test vehicle, which comprised of new sensors hardware and computer, as well as the updated version of its test systems. It also comes as the first test car platform designed by TRI and gives room for testing of both Chauffeur and Guardian in the same vehicle – since prior to this time they required distinct vehicles which were specifically set for each to test.

The GoMentum station is one of the 10 legally apportioned pilot proving grounds recognized by the United States Department of Transportation early in this year, as a way to help set the pace of policy making and testing protocols going forward. The GoMentum facility stands simulated real-world driving conditions, including infrastructures like bridges and parking lots. It will help TRI to scenerize some of the tight fit conditions come across by drivers and cars without having to experince them in real life.

This is one among a number of new sites in which Toyota Research Institute sets to put to test its vehicles, but it’s an important addition its ability to trial and prove out its autonomous vehicle systems.