Hdrogen Powered Automobiles
Hdrogen Powered Engines
Hdrogen Powered Engines

Toyota Motor Corporation a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan now has hydrogen fuel cell transport trucks with no local emissions generated, they are a 670 horse power and 80,000 Ib total weight capacity. Included in this powertrains are Toyota’s Mirai fuel cells with a 12 kWh battery charged by cells.

Toyota now prides a running concept version of this trucks along pilot routes running about 200 miles per day and moving goods between depots in Port Of LA and Long Beach.

This pilot is structured such that it helps Toyota study what the impact of frequent cycling of its fuel cell system will do to the packs, since they will be refueled often to run the short haul trips. Also in time, Toyota intends to conduct longer runs of the truck as well, as part of the overall feasibility study which is also part of the Port of LA’s long-term plans to reduce emissions overall.

As a more viable alternative for long haul transport; Hybrid electric trucking technology is preferred by a large number of people for reasons of reduced of emission even as it does not compromise on range while producing zero local waste. Working on its very own heavy duty hydrogen electric hybrid hauler is start up Nikola and many existing truck makers are also nursing the hybrid drive train technology options.

The Founder of Tesla, Elon Musk who has been known as a vocal critic of hydrogen power in general has his company planning to unveil it’s own  fully electric semi truck in November. It is speculated that the Tesla truck has a 200 to 300 miles range which is quite expected to work well for this type of application although it wouldnt serve the requirements of longer hauls.