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You talk Nigeria, then you talk a geographical location that is engulfed and characterized by very different brands of smartphone. Do you have a very great brand, with great smart phones, then my friend, Nigeria is the market to launch into.

Our penchant and love for very stylish things have created an upward surge in the use of very different smartphones by Nigerians. Many have criticized this act of ours especially hammering on the fact that we are not a producing nation, just consuming different products churned out by different producer countries. But then, this is a topic for another day.

Today, I bring to you the most popular brands in our dear country, Nigeria.

1. Infinix

From time immemorial, or rather from when Infinix launched in the Nigerian market, it has gained a whole lot of popularity amongst the populace. You hardly walk by 10 people these days without seeing an Infinix phone with at least 4 of them. Maybe their design and usual large RAMs has been what has been attracting people, or so I think.

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2. Tecno

I don’t think any other phone brand deserves to be on second place more than Tecno. Second to Infinix, Tecno phones can be said to be the most popular amongst the Nigerian populace. Mainly associated with the female folks (though I’m using a Tecno Phone), the brand has really gained popularity, but not as much as Infinix.

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3. Samsung

Yes, Samsung phones might be somewhat expensive, but then, they have also gained some sort of popularity. Samsung phones have some special durability traits which attracts people to t, and not to also mention the fact that it’s brand holds a very notable form of credibility amongst it’s counterparts. Even this has presented more buyers of its brand.

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4. Gionee

At the mention of Gionee, all other smartphone batteries shall bow. Gionee has actually built a reputation around having very strong batteries and trust me, you want to entice Nigerians, give them a strong battery, especially in the face of the very erratic power supply we encounter in the country.

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5. Innjoo

Innjoo phones too have had their own share of popularity, though still sitting behind the first four mentioned above.

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6. Huawei

Huawei phones are lovable, especially their design. And given Nigerians love for flshy things that look very beautiful on them, the phone he found its way to be the 6th on this list.

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7. Lenovo

With lenovo brand’s popularity, you might be wondering why it is sitting on the 7th pace. But then, let me make it clear to you that Lenovo brand is that popular because of its laptops. Though their smartphones are popular too, but only popular to be on the 7th position.

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8. Itel

Errm..  My mum uses itel. I for one thinks itel isn’t too popular amongst the very young folks. But I think you’d be glad if you buy an itel smartphone. They say it he been upgraded. I hope so too.

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9. Nokia

You see, Nokia is only on this spot because we are not talking about phones generally, or feature phones. Though Nokia smartphones are beginning to gain some sort of popularity, it cannot comprehend it the above brand’s and surely not as popular as its feature phones.

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10. Apple iPhone

We’re very sorry, all Apple fanboys but your dear brand has to be on the 10th spot. Though, it is very understandable due to take price an usability in Nigeria.

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Well, there you have it, the ten most popular phone brands in Nigeria based on our observation. Do let us know the phone brand you’re currently using.. Thank you for being with us till now.



  1. this rating is bias and not realistic, you can never rate infinix over tecno and Samsung, while itel is well known in Nigerians young people too way far than innjo and Huawei. unstable price of iPhone doesn’t make it unpopular.
    good blog though, but you need to do some research on this kind of post and not limit it to your personal opinion

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