Breakthroughs in technology

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No doubt, technology has made immense contribution to our daily life right from the very beginning till today, which is why I bring to you ten (10) technology breakthroughs we have ever witnessed. Just stay with me.

  1. The emergence of smartphones

In the year 1999, a firm with its base in Japan, NTT DoCoMo, released the first smartphones to witness mass adoption in a country. The smartphones ran on i-mode, which provided data transmission speeds up to 9.6 kbit/s. The rise of i-mode enabled the firm accumulate an estimated 40 million subscribers by the end of 2001. It was also ranked first in market capitalization in Japan and second globally.

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  1. Creation of self-driving cars

Experiments have been conducted on automating cars since at least the 1920s,  promising trials took place in the 1950s and work has proceeded since then. The first self-sufficient and truly autonomous cars appeared in the 1980s. Firms like Google have made considerable progress in this aspect.

  1. The launch of the internet

On 6 August 1991, the World Wide Web went live to the world. Quite different from how it would be if it were now, there was no fanfare in the global press. In fact, most people around the world didn’t even know what the Internet was. I cannot but keep imagining how boring might must be then until this launch.

  1. Use of facial recognition for stuffs

Over the past few years, computers have become incredibly good at recognizing faces, and the technology is expanding quickly in China in the interest of both surveillance and convenience. Not just faces, but also human iris and fingerprints too. It is really a breakthrough for technology.

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  1. The introduction of solar energy

The year is 1956, and the first solar cells were available commercially. One limitation at that time however was that the cost made it far from the reach of everyday people. At $300 for a 1 watt solar cell, the expense was far beyond anyone’s means. With the great and very much needed use of solar energy in our present day, I think we should keep blessing the day it was invented.

  1. The boom of Artificial Intelligence

In the 1980s a form of AI program called “expert systems” was adopted by corporations around the world and knowledge became the focus of mainstream AI research. In those same years, the Japanese government aggressively funded AI with its fifth generation computer project.

Aside this boom, we would discover that there’s an increased use of Artificial Intelligence in our present day world too. It was indeed a breakthrough.

  1. The rise of modern telecommunications

The first commercial telephone services were set up in 1878 and 1879 on both sides of the Atlantic in the cities of New Haven, Connecticut, and London, England. The technology grew quickly from this point, with inter-city lines being built and telephone exchanges in every major city of the United States by the mid-1880s. The First transcontinental telephone call occurred on January 25, 1915. Please gist me about what we would have done without telecommunications.

  1. The creation of personal computers

If I didn’t mention this at all, then the list isn’t complete. On personal computers, the first general purpose computer was a 30-ton behemoth invented in 1947. Even if it was an incredible machine, it was far too large for any home. The invention of the personal computer, or PC, happened in the 1970s and revolutionized the entire world.

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  1. The invention of GPS

Well, it was originally designed for military and intelligence applications at the height of the Cold War in the 1960s, with inspiration coming from the launch of the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik in 1957, the global positioning system (GPS) – is a network of satellites that orbit the earth at fixed points above the planet and beam down signals to anyone on earth with a GPS receiver.

  1. The First use of AbioCor artificial heart

It is very soothing to know that technology has one time or the other affected the health industry too. The AbioCor artificial heart was first used to replace the human heart in 2001. Unlike others, it powers itself and does not need  intrusive wires as even those could lead to more infections.


So there you have it. Do you know of any other breakthrough we have not included? Do let us know in the comment box below.


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