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Out of the 36 states we do have in Nigeria, you would surely agree with me that just as not all fingers are equal, so the states have their disparity and major differences amongst themselves which then gives them an edge over each other even in terms of having the best tech ecosystem.

For a tech ecosystem to be the very good or to be the best, a lot of things has to be put into consideration. Things like the population in the ecosystem, the acceptability of tech by the people in the system, the support of government to technology, how aware the citizens are about technology and many more things like that.

So today, we would be drawing up a list that features up to seven (7) of the states in Nigeria that are leading in terms of technology while putting all the above factors into proper consideration. So next time you want to visit a state that has one of the best ecosystems, then this list might do you a whole lot of good. Stay with me.

  1. Lagos State

i’m very sure you expected them to top this list. Well, they sure did. When it comes to anything tech in this country, you cannot do but mention Lagos state which is home to many startups, and hubs – the most popular being the Co-Creation hub situated at Yaba, Lagos, while hosting a lot more others. Many others factors like its over 18 million population could further cement its place up here.

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  1. Ogun State

Maybe because of its closeness to Lagos, Ogun state also has this stinct of a very good tech ecosystem. There is a sort of heavy investment in ICT development, while also having a very affordable lifestyle, which could also help in the rapid development of startups. Maybe i also mention that the first university to have a startup lab in it is situated in Ogun state. i think that explains to a large extent.

  1. Kaduna State

While we might have not witnessed the growth of many startups in this state, there are actually available ones. a very important feature that further increased the emergence of Kaduna state on this list is the total support of the government to entrepreneurship. this was evident in the newly created ICT lab launched by the state government.

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  1. Cross Rivers state

Tinapa, the first world class integrated business and leisure resort in Nigeria, located in Calabar with world class facilities and free trade zone too could go on to become one of the biggest technology startup hubs in the African continent. In cross river, there is an increased investment in technology which includes ICT training and all which leaves them with a very good tech record.

  1. Rivers State

Errm.. The standard of living might be on a very high side in Rivers but then, its oil rich economy could help cover up for that while providing enough resources to help startups to grow. This state is home to a university of science and technology, and Creater Port harcourt which could lead it to becoming one of the best startup hub in Nigeria.

  1. Osun State

I think it would be a great injustice if i fail to mention Osun in this list. The emergence of a lot of startups that are making waves e.g and many others from the Obafemi Awolowo University further empasizes the state’s position on technology. Truly, its support for technology is immense.

  1. Oyo State

This South western state too has witnessed its own fair share of startups, while being home to a whole lot of universities of technology, the most notable being Ladoke Akintola university of Technology. Ibadan in Oyo state has been home to many startups, and the government’s  input to technology is second to none. “opon imo” comes to mind.

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So there you have seven Nigerian states leading in terms of technology. it is not to say that all other state are doing nothing, but then, out of a pack, there’d surely be leaders and as far as tech is concerned in Nigeria, these are who i think are the leaders.


Do you want to relocate to a state because of technology, you now know where to relocate.


  1. i wouldn’t rate Kaduna as number 3 if I were you. I mean no disrespect to the state, but there is no credible start-up signature in that place. but again, i might be missing something!

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