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On a personal note, when shopping for a phone to buy or ‘browse shop’, one very important thing I look out for is the battery capacity. It is no doubt that a phone’so battery capacity can dictate the life span of a phone, how long it will survive in the rugged or soft hands of the user.

A higher battery capacity sure means a longer battery life, while a lower battery capacity is dreaded by any smartphone user as it translates to a shorter life span for the affected smartphone. One cannot but pity niherians when their phone almost reaches the 0% point and they’re running helter skelter to get a place to charge.

Stay with me as I show you some of the smartphones released this year, 2017 with the best and highest battery capacity.


1. GIONEE M2017: 7000 mAh

The 7000 mAh battery capacity is more than three times the capacity of the standard battery, double most of the existing extended batteries.

Even if all other parts of the Gionee M2017 fell short of their respective specifications, which they didn’t, there is one part that would never break your heart – the battery. Gionee decided to gift and surprise fans with a whooping 7000 mAh battery capacity. Splendid, isn’t it? I’m sure you are already imagining how much time you can sit with your Gionee M2017 – when you get yours – without it giving you that most hated “battery low” signal. Trust me, I hate that thing.



2. OUKITEL K6000 PLUS: 6080 mAh

K6000 Plus

Quite remarkably, this device packs a 6080mAh battery capacity with supports for fast charge, which could pass as its main selling point. You can attain 100% full battery charge within 100minutes. Wow.. now tell me why this smartphone wouldn’t be second on the list.

We do not want to compare it with the Gionee M2017 but we do like to call it ‘almost like the Gionee M2017’. The Oukitel K6000 Plus is short just 920 mAh of the M2017 battery capacity. It might not be up to it, but it’ll almost allow you spend the same quality time as would the aforementioned.


3. TECNO L9 PLUS: 5000 mAh

Tecno L9 Plus Price In Nigeria, Specs And review
Tecno L9 Plus Price In Nigeria, Specs And review

Just like Tecno have promised us before its release, that the Tecno L9 Plus would have a long battery life, which made them rename it ‘bigger and longer’, they might have fulfilled that promise as this Tecno phone is well packed with a 5000 mAh battery.

Despite the battery capacity, it still allows the phone to be slim and sleek. I so love this part guys. At the moment, TECNO L9 Plus is the Slimmest Battery King. Not only that, they are definitely third (3rd) on our list.


4. FERO ROYALE A1: 5000 mAh

Royale A1 smartphone
Royale A1 smartphone

The Fero Royale A1 smartphone comes fully packed with a 5,000mAh Li-Poly battery capacity. Yes, I knew it. There’s no way you’ll have a phone and you won’t have a selling point for that phone. Now, the battery is Royale A1’s selling point.

Even though FERO is a new entrant into the Nigerian smartphone market, I believe they have actually made their mark and done something spectacular that some other phone makers have not done. Thumbs up FERO.



Partner Mobile PS2 Price In Nigeria, Full Specs And Review
Partner Mobile PS2 Price In Nigeria, Full Specs And Review

They have always said that no matter how ‘specky’ your device is, if the battery isn’t up to par, then maybe the phone isn’t too. But we have a different case with the Partner Mobile PS2 device here as just like the phone, the battery is surely up to par.

The device packs a battery with a whooping 3500 mAh. While it does not measure up with the like of Gionee, I sincerely see this as a very impressive battery capacity. The battery is non-removable Lithium-ion Battery.


So there you have it guys. Do you need a new smartphone and your priority is the battery capacity? Do you want phones with the best battery life? Are you a heavy smartphone user whose smartphone spends 23 hours 55 minutes of a day running? Are you addicted to your smartphone and many other cases you could think of.

So if you love the ‘low battery’ tune as much as I do, then all these smartphones listed above are your surest bet. Au revoir.



  1. Big batteries are very important but the truth is that all batteries deteriorate after a period of time.

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