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The year 2016 can be said to have been a very fulfilled one for a majority of smartphone users who witnessed the launching of a ton of smartphones. Devices Ranging from Note 7, iphone 7, the pixel phones and a lots more were released and users had their pick either based on loyalty to respective brands or based on the respective phones specifications and features.

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Anyway, amongst the pool of phones which are currently in use, Antutu has decided to drop statistics that reveal the best performing smartphones in the month of November 2016. Antutu took into consideration the average score of each model that accessed their tool within the period of November 1 until November 30 — about 2,000 phones were checked.

For Android phones, players like the LeEco Pro 3,  Xiaomi 5S Plus, Smartisan M1L, Xiaomi Note 2, and the Huawei Mate 9 lead. Trailing behind are the following: Xiaomi 5S, OnePlus 3, Vivo Xplay 5, LeEco Max 2, and Nubia Z11.

top performance smartphones in November 2016
top performance smartphones in November 2016

For the general smartphone market, as expected, the iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 7 lead with an antutu score of 172,644 and 170,124.

top performance smartphones in November 2016
top performance smartphones in November 2016

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One cannot but wonder why Apple’s greatest and direct competitor Samsung didn’t make the cut. HTC too has dissapointed fans on this one. I know many loyalists of brands that didn’t make the list would peg Antutu’s statistics as ‘not credible’. Well, I wouldn’t be too surprised – anything to defend their beloved brand.

Smartphone brands like Huawei, Xiaomi and LeEco has been very impressive so far. Users patronage has also been on the rise especially for Xiaomi. It is very important too to mention that no LG phone made the list too. Very serious.

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There are a whole lot of questions which must be asked but answers might not be gotten at this point. Questions like ‘where are the pixel phones’? Maybe they’re not so well performing, who knows?

Let me leave the rest to you smartphone users, do you agree with these statistical lists? Let’s hear you.