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Twitter’s new algorithm timeline is now the default in your twitter feed. Back in February, Twitter decided to change how tweets appear on users account. Before now, tweets were arranged in chronological order. That is, tweets appear based on the time they were posted. So the latest or newest tweets always appear at the top.

new algorithm timeline

With the February changes, tweets now appear based on what the twitter algorithm thinks is most important to you. Basically, the most popular and trendiest tweets would appear at the top of your timeline. Basically, Twitter is blatantly claiming that they know what we really want to read on Twitter. According to Twitter, the new algorithm timeline was made to make twitter easy for people who just joined. That is twitter’s way of acknowledging that Twitter is not growing as much as they want it to. As a matter of fact, the #RIPtwitter hashtag has being trending for a while now.

new algorithm timelineEven in the face of backlash from users, Twitter has now decided that the new algorithm timeline would be the default timeline. So if you have not opened your twitter account for a while now, don’t be surprised at the way tweets are arranged. However twitter’s response to the negativity from users is to make the new algorithm timeline optional. Meaning you can opt out of the new upgrade and go back to the good old chronological timeline.

I know a number of people would prefer not to have their timeline messed with. So to go back to the old timeline, just follow these steps:

-go to account settings

-go to the content section and look for timeline

-uncheck the box beside ‘show me the best tweets first

Now your timeline would be back to what you are used to.

This new feature from Twitter is not surprising. Facebook is already using the algorithm based method to present its timeline or news feed. And it has being very successful for Facebook.

And in other twitter news, CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has revealed that the 140 character limit on Twitter would not dispensed with. He made this disclosure during an interview on NBC’s Today Show yesterday.

This must have being a disappointment for those who were looking forward to a change. Twitter had actually said it was thinking of making changes to allow up to about 10,000 characters per post. But for those who are good at twitting, they know there is a work-around for the 140 character limit. It is simple really. Just post a picture on your timeline. The picture would contain texts instead of people or places. And the texts in the photo can be as long as you want it to be.

The battle for the soul of Twitter is well and truly on. Changes to make twitter more relevant would happen whether people like it or not. The trick is for the twitter team to make sure these changes happen before #RIPtwitter becomes much more than just a hashtag.

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