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Hello everyone, I’m going to be giving us a few tips on how to boost our Instagram follower base. Yeah, yeah, someone’s happy over there.

For the uninitiated -which I believe is impossible at the moment- Instagram is a social media platform that allows the posting of photos and videos online for viewing and streaming respectively. The platform runs on the ‘follow me, follow back’ thing unlike its parent social media Facebook wherein you can add friends.

Straight to the business of the day, getting a massive follower base is an easy task for some people and uneasy for others. It can be said to be extremely easy for those with explosive popularity and the other way round for the less popular.

Well, I’m here to let you know that irrespective of your popularity status, you can increase your follower base and thereby gaining the social popularity you desire. Let’s go on a ride.

  1. BioFirst on the list is your Bio. Don’t be surprised this came first because this is the first thing that everyone that clicks on your IG handle will first want to see. Your bio should be more like you’re making your worth in a refined manner known to all and sundry.

    Your bio shouldn’t be shallow and shouldn’t be too ambiguous either. And you shouldn’t forget to ask for a follow in your bio.


  2. What Do You Have To Offer?The question what do you have to offer simply means what kind of things do you share on the social media. Are they sport-related? Are they fashion-related? Are they religious-related? Or are they just for the sake of sharing your most captivating moments on social media? Are they just for fun? Are they a combo of different fields of life but with a spark of freshness? And many other questions you have to ask.

    It is important to be very specific about what you have to offer to the social media, this will be a key factor in your pursuit of much followers.

  3. Tag Along

This has to do with following the trend of things. For instance, there is a new trend going on on Instagram, you use the hash tag and give a distinct aspect of view of yours. This will call attention of other Instagram users.

Try out these tips and give your feedback, we here at Techproducts will love to hear your feedback.