tips how to use Google Maps

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This is the concluding part of all the awesome things you can do with the amazing Google Maps. Bring yourself up to speed by reading the first part here.

tips how to use Google Maps
Google Maps

Transition Information on your Smartphone.

This mostly applies to cosmopolitan cities with very active train services. This can mostly be found in advance countries. This can also be applicable in some cities in South Africa and Egypt.

Hopefully, when the light rail system comes on stream in Lagos and Abuja, we in Nigeria can begin to use this feature in Google Maps.

tips how to use Google Maps
Google Maps

Google Maps can be used to as sort of scheduler to find out when trains leave and arrive. You can even add details or reviews of how the train services work in that particular city as part of the Local Guides program. Of course you only add these details if it is not available already.

This is the sort of detail that subsequent users of trains would find useful if they log into Google Maps.

Expert Navigator

Sometimes you can get tired of driving and you want to use another mode of transport. Like the trains as explained in the previous section.

tips how to use Google Maps
Navigating on Google Maps

But you can also use Google Maps to help you on the best route to take if you intend to go hiking or a little road trip on a bike. Google Maps can plot a route for you according to instructions you give it. For instance, if you want to avoid busy roads, Google Maps can show you alternative routes that avoid these roads.

The good thing about Maps is that as a guide, it is very flexible so you can easily adjust your route if unplanned circumstances demand you do that.

Street View

This is one of the most awesome features of Google Maps. It virtually puts you on the ground in a location thousands of miles away. Talk about being in two places at once.

However, street view is not so common on mobile phones. But it is there if you know where to look for it.

tips how to use Google Maps
Google Maps street view

To get Street view on smartphones, tap and hold your finger to the location of your choice. A pin should appear on the app. On the bottom left hand corner of the screen, you would see a preview image of the street you want to view at street level.

From there, you now can virtually move along the street in any direction you want. Just slide your finger in the direction you chose and see yourself enjoy the sights of a street thousands of kilometers from your real location.

Find Local Hangouts

In recent years, Google Maps has evolved into a sort of guide for big cities. Are we going to meet a future where human guides in popular tourists cities around the world are made redundant by Google Maps? I won’t be surprised if that happens. Maps is getting better by the day in guiding people around a city.

If you find yourself in a strange city with lots of interesting places to visit, but don’t know how or where to start, Google Maps can help you out.

tips how to use Google Maps
Google Maps

From the slide-out menu, tap Explore. Google Maps would present you results of interesting places to see or visit that are close to your location.

As places or locations appear on the map, you can tap each location’s card to get more information about the place. You can do a lot of comparison of distances and what not in your sitting room before you set out to explore the city.

Leave Markers

tips how to use Google Ma
Google Maps

As you visit places and locations, you can tick them on your app as a sort of reminder. These labels are useful if you intend to revisit those places again. Or if you want to be a quasi local guide to a stranger, you can enlist the labels on your app to help you explain a few things to your new friend.

So there it is, don’t let that wonderful app go to waste on your device. Use it optimally. You’ll definitely learn a few things along the way. It won’t be a bad idea if you come back here and share your tips with us.


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