tips how to use Google Maps

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Google Maps is one of my favourite apps. And I know the same applies to a lot of people too. It recently got an update where better resolution satellite images are now used to beam pictures to our phones or to Google Earth on computers.

tips how to use Google Maps
Google Maps

Not knowing how to fully take advantage of some features of Google Maps is a waste. There is a lot one can do to derive maximum benefit from Google Maps. The point is, the app is much more than just a tool to find a location on your smartphone.

Stay with me as we look at some awesome ways to use Google Maps

You can use Maps Offline

tips how to use Google Maps
Offline Google Maps

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where for one reason or the other, you are not able to use Google Maps. This occurs mostly when you are in a remote place with little or no internet access.

However if you have advanced info about the situation there, you can still use Google Maps offline.

To do this, go to settings and tap Offline areas and then hit the plus button. Then move around on the map to the area you are going to where there is no internet access.

When you reach the area, the map of the area would be downloaded and stored on your device; so you can have access to it anytime you wish even if there is no data connection.

The downside of this is that the stored data can take up a large amount of space. So one should be careful how much is downloaded at a given time.

Link Directions to your Devices

tips how to use Google Maps
Google Maps

If you have a computer, then it is likely you use Google Map app on your PC as well as your Android smartphone. In which case you must have signed into your Google accounts on both your phone and computer. So both devices are synced.

If your want to continue using Google Map on your phone after a session with the app on your laptop, you don’t have to start from the beginning when you switch to your phone.

Just hit the send to your phone feature. Under list of available devices, you would be able to see your phone. Then you can send the direction to your phone.

This is most helpful if you want to attend an event in an unfamiliar location. If the host provided directions using Google Maps, you can send the directions to your phone and walk out of the house or office confidently knowing you’d never get lost.

Record York Timeline

tips how to use Google Maps
Google Maps

Most people don’t know that Google maps keep a record of wherever they go. You can use that as a reminder of your itinerary especially if you had a busy time moving around.

This is helpful if you want to make notes after a busy trip. The record of your timeline on Google Maps can help jiggle your memory so that you don’t mix up the sequence of your locations.

But if you don’t like this feature because it feels like a snoop, you can turn it off in Timeline settings. Then after viewing your timeline in History, delete the record and turn the feature off.

Be Part of Google Maps Team.

tips how to use Google Maps
Google Maps

You can help make Google Maps better by giving feedback and reviews about places your visit. Through the Local Guides program, Google wants to increase the number of reviews and details about places on Google Maps.

In exchange for providing information like photos, reviews and revising details about places on Google Maps, Google can reward you with Google Drive storage space. Also, you can be invited to take part in testing of new products as part of your reward.

To be part of this program, you must enable push alerts on your Google Maps settings so you are reminded to write a few things about places you visited. You can always opt out at anytime if you think it is not worth it. But this is a good public service program to help people.

Search Feature on a Road Trip

tips how to use Google Maps
Google Maps

You can use Google map to find place like where to rest for the night, eat or fill up your gas tank when on a road trip. That is why the local guides program can really be helpful to people.

When you perform Google Map search, for instance restaurant, Google Maps would bring out a list of restaurants close to your present location. And if available, with details and review of the restaurant by a Local Guides member who used some of these places earlier.

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