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It isn’t news anymore that the internet was shut down about 68 days ago by the Cameroonian government in anglophone speaking parts of the country. This action came as a result of a protest held by residents of this part of the country, and the only best reaction of the government was to shut down the internet.

One can only imagine, but not wish to witness whatever might be happening in the English speaking parts of Cameroon right now. A whole lot of activities would be brought to an extremely slow pace, which would have a direct effect on the general economy of the country. This is just a clear case of causing problems for yourself.

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I can imagine the numerous startups in the country that needs the internet for their day to day activities, and those that need it for many other things. I’m sure they’d be brought to an abrupt stop in their activities, limiting profits and growth.

If this were to happen in Nigeria, then I can’t just imagine what it would cause. I don’t know about Cameroon but there are a whole lot of people who depend on the internet here in Nigeria like its food. Over here, people spend more time online than they do offline, if the sleep time were to be excluded.

There are a whole lot of sectors that need the internet, and I don’t know why the Cameroonian government had chosen to turn a blind eye on the very numerous disadvantages of this action they have carried out. Ranging from the academic sector, startups, manufacturing and more would surely take a hit in this case.

This is why I want to, as a reminder, sound it to whoever might be reading this right now of the dangerous effects of this action done by the Cameroonian government and how it might affect, or has affected the people of that region. Hence, we want you to join the various other voices on social media telling the affected government to #BringBackOurInternet.

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I don’t know how many e-commerce companies they might have that operates in the affected part of Cameroon, but no matter how many, what I do know is that the sector would be brought to an infinite stop in activities. Why is this so?

The main customer based on any e-commerce company is situated online, which translates that without the internet, they would have zero access to their customers, which also means that there would be no sales, no advertisements, no orders, nothing.

This is a very bad thing as businesses like this that is supposed to keep the country’s economy going are now in a stagnant phase, which is sure to have a direct git on the country’s economy – GDP. It all looks like a lose- lose situation.



One cannot but acknowledge how important the internet is to majority of startups. A lot of them use the internet to get their services out to a great percentage of their customers – as most reside online. But now, the means to do that has been taken away by this irrational decision the government made.

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The owners of these startups are budding and emerging entrepreneurs. If there is no growth in what they have invested their time and scarce resource in, don’t you think their dreams would begin to fade off slowly? Seriously, is it really worth it? Killing people’s dreams through such an unjustifiable decision? I don’t think it is.



I would surely not put my money in such parts of a country where the internet has been down for 68 days. I don’t know if you would but there are many other people in the investment sector who thinks like me. Why invest in an area that has no internet? It doesn’t just sound rational.

I’m very certain there’d already be a dwindling effect on investors confidence which would also rub off on the number of investors trooping into (that part of) the country. It would be a very sore one for inhabitants.

We do not know if the motive of the government was to keep the protest from the world which is why they shutdown the internet, but if it was, then it has failed, as the world knows about it anyway.


ALL we require is that they reconsider their stance and #BringBackOurInternet.