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Ever been bitten by a bug? No? Then ever been to Africa? Ever been bitten by an African mosquito? Well, you definitely don’t need to feel that epic sensation of being bitten by an African mosquito, any mosquito or bug will do just fine. But hei, just like me, if you made the merit list of the few “privileged victims” of an African mosquito bite, then you might want to take a break an read this. We all know bug bites can be pretty annoying, very itchy and to crown it all as much as you might be tempted to “scratch it off” , scratching only make things worse. Accepted, it doesn’t look that sleek in design or that futuristic in concept, but it actually works, and that’s all that matters.
Obviously the team that designed it didn’t pay much attention to the appearance or just didn’t give a damn about how it will look to consumers.
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Powered by a 9V battery , “Therapik Bug bite reliever” is the perfect ugly looking piece of gadget that actually does what it name suggests. It is a small (not so small in reality) handheld device you can use to zap bites to make them stop itching. And guess what? It actually stops those itches immediately. From those irritating bites from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, hornets, black flies, ants, fleas, ticks, chiggers, scorpions, stinging nettle and even jellyfish, all those can be a thing of less concern with just a zap from Therapik. You put the tip of the Therapik onto your bug bite, then you press and hold down the button. The tip emits light that heats up the bug bite. You hold it there for as long as you can take, though the burning sensation can get a little uncomfortable after 30 to 40 seconds, but it’s definitely bearable. The best part about its composition is that its actually made up of no chemicals or drugs, just a some few nerdy electronics that emit red light. The device utilizes infrared heat from an electronic bulb to burn out the itchiness caused by the bug bites. The science behind the therapik is not really rocket science, in fact it is pretty clear and sound. The composition of venoms released by most insects when we are bitten are sensitive to heat, a considerable amount of heat breaks them apart. So, logically all the Therapik bug bite reliever has to do is provide that heat a healthy and regulated level, just enough to break down the venom, kill off the irritant and make them harmless to us.
The Pros
The much hype the Therapik bug bite reliever is receiving both online and in real world is it quite rapid relieve of itchy conditions. On average it takes just about 30 seconds of work to get an itchy condition behind you, so just like me, if you are the impatient type, there isn’t need for much of a commitment on your part. The device is also FDA cleared in the United States and the makers of the product claims it provides clinically proven results. Unlike other insect bite relievers out there it works well with a lot of bug bites. The makers of the product also claim it works well on myriads of bites including those from mosquitoes to even those from fire ants that are notorious for their problematic bites.
therapik bug bite reliever
Image credit:wall street journal

The cons
I don’t know whether its just my bad habits, but the way the Therapik is designed is quite bulky for a device that is just supposed to zap or just emit some heat and off it goes. You take a look at the gadget and you are like ” God… There is no way in mars this cheap piece of crap is actually going to work.” Fortunately for everyone, it actually works. On a normal day, It definitely wouldn’t easily make my reviews of cool gadgets. The Therapik unit cost about $30 dollar on Amazon. Who budgets $30 for bug bites these days?, well unless of course you are planning a safari to the fringes of Africa or thinking of taking a run through the Amazon rain forest. Useful as it may look, stuff doesn’t bloody work with spider and snake bites, and believe me, its with snakes and spiders bites you need things like this the most.
The Verdict
If you are the type that for some reasons best known to you, you frequently get bug bites, then I most certainly recommend this for you. I mean guys, why on earth would you get bug bites so frequently? But who’s asking?, because am definitely not. Sarcasm aside, the Therapik is quite a handy piece of gadget to have around, it will definitely eliminate the need to use the legendary calamine lotion or some cheap lousy reap off brand that may not work well with you. Its definitely a mile ahead of other product that only claim to do what it actually does: kill those itches.


  1. Good review Tim. As far as its looks…you’re right but because it works, its a beautiful thing. Funny thing too, our web site therapik.com has been the brunt of sarcasm as well but it works and you know what they say…
    The only concern I had is that the suggested retail price everywhere is $12.95 not $30 so…we hope that everyone can afford to budget for it.

    1. IRA Carlin – I am assuming you’re the IRA Carlin from morepower2u, worldwide distributors of the therapik. can you clarify the retail price issue?

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