Tecno phone Phantom 5, biggest flagship ever built by Tecno

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Tecno phones brand
Tecno phones brand
Tecno phone Phantom 5, biggest flagship ever built by Tecno
Tecno phone Phantom 5, biggest flagship ever built by Tecno
Flagship phones by Infinix Mobile
Flagship phones by Infinix Mobile
Infinix S a products by Infinix mobile
Infinix S a products by Infinix mobile
Infinix brand phones
Infinix brand phones

The most surprising thing about Tecno and Infinix rise in Nigeria is that it’s a surprise.

I mean, who would have thought that the earliest brand of Tecno phones will someday in the future be called high-end Smartphones?

Back then when Tecno phones didn’t run an advanced OS, Users were stuck with the custom OS and thanks to the built, design and price, came something good to reflect on.

Users could play Music from the blaring speakers, enjoy games such as Tetris, make phone calls and somehow access the Internet after waiting for almost as long as it is to follow the long queue in petrol stations.

Those days were priceless, the battery lasts long, and you could listen to music all day long. Although Tecno phones couldn’t pull off what other phones could, it was the closest users got to a phone that’s Smart.

We all know there’s no such thing as perfect, so was it, with the then, Tecno phones. Not only were they inferior to the Android and iOS but they were “Chinese.”

In Nigeria, when you label a phone, laptop, gadget, or just about anything as Chinese, a word Nigerians have christened for Local products, although often a stereotype created to show that something is a “knockoff.”


So you understand what it means when a Nigerian calls something Chinese. Take it as a tip from me to you, if you are not Nigerian.


Fast forward a few years, and the Phantom 6 is Tecno flagship, while the Zero 4 is Infinix mobility’s flagship phone. These phones share some things which five years ago would have been impossible, the first is:


Almost everyone agrees that Tecno and Infinix are not Chinese phones, although Tecno is made in China, the stereotype for knockoff product is, however, not associated with its name.

Secondly, Tecno and Infinix have attained Class, and they are, in fact, now considered as Smartphone’s, a title that a few years ago, would have been disputed.

How did Tecno and Infinix swiftly take over the Nigerian Smartphone Market?

During the First quarter of 2015, Tecno jointly with Samsung and Apple had the combined Smartphone market percentage at 55% in Africa.  Judging by the milestone Tecno has reached juxtaposed to Infinix sudden rise in Smartphone sales is by no chance a fluke.

Infinix and Tecno have, in fact, turned their entire marketing and sales to Africa. Both phone giants – Tecno & Infinix deserve an applaud for their keen eyes to make Hay where the Sun is about to shine.

Coupled with the fact that Africa has its share of spoils to contend with;

Underdeveloped infrastructure and the inconsistent job creation and inequality have, and still is the bane that ravages the Emerging Market in Africa.

But there is a silver lining to the setback mentioned above. As research has it, Africa is now home to five of the world’s fastest growing economies, though, with the exemption of Nigeria on the list. This is, however, a  milestone & cause of celebration for the whole continent.

The growing Middle class, especially in the urban regions and major cities is a contributory factor, which has helped Strengthened the grip of Tecno and Infinix on the share of Smartphone Users.

Though we can’t for sure ascertain the share of other Phone giants like iPhone and Samsung in the country, the number of Tecno outlets and Users has astronomically risen.

Little wonder how hard it has become to meet Ten Smartphone users without coming across a brand of Infinix, Tecno, Gionee or Injoo Product.

Now, the secret of Infinix or Tecno surprising rise is not only as a result of their Advertisement, while Konga and Jumia played a big part to advertise and distribute their product. Part of that success mainly is

‘’when the Price is cheap, and the product is quality’’, as sure as hell and taxes Nigerians must buy Naija.

But wait, it doesn’t end there…

These companies knew that the African market is not rocket science. Africans are simple, so plain that as far as we can make calls, play games and takes good pictures, in short, anything Smartphone is capable of, then you’ve can pitch your tent on our soil.

However, the bottom line is the product should not pass the purchasing power of the growing middle class.

Tecno, Infinix and Gionee phones Flagship Price are now taking a furtive turn to what made them household names in the country; it seems as though the rate at which the phone prices are shooting is a cause for alarm.


Maybe not, the Units of the Tecno Phantom 6 and Infinix Zero 4 sold out means Nigerians, in reality, are content with the price.


The Economy is getting hard, a pain in the ass that even the Government couldn’t shake off in time.


However, taking a closer look the country is busier than it was before the recession. Queues at the ATM machine , business outlets have grown twice than ever, Start-up ideas are burgeoning through the country, the Economist prodigies have shown signs that even in recessions wake Nigeria will always find a way to live.


Little wonder why Nigerians are crawling the Internet space, searching for any Ponzi Scheme with of promise quick gains, the thought of overnight success is now a dream for many.


There’s desperation among the masses, holding on to something, anything, which could deter the effect of the recession seems to be the year’s resolution, Until we can find a way out of the recessions assessment of our patience. For how long?


It is common saying that out of great depressions, Millionaires are born.


During the 1920’s Economic boom in America, Startups costs were lower, many businesses went bankrupt and sold their assets and equipment at a price next to nothing.


Savvy Entrepreneurs took advantage of the economic state, as it is with most depressions, they come to an end. Entrepreneurs that were savvy enough provided services or product for emerging markets stood to be the greatest benefactors of the Economic Climate.


The obvious truth is we have turned a blind eye to is the fact that Tecno and other phone giants are making good of the crisis. While Nigerians have their heads turned towards the door laced with crude oil. It has become so hard to see the millions of opened doors that present Nigerians a foundation to build on.


What are you doing?


There’s something up in there that’s up-tapped. You want to be rich from of this recession, there’s every probability and you can or can’t. But the power lies within, only if you could dare.


Nigerians are known to preach what they do not practice?


So I’ll let you ask me this:


What I’m I doing?


I’m a blogger. I write to live, I love hip-hop, and My pen is hired only by the Savvy bidder. Maybe that’s not enough, that is why I offer a service to humanity, writing; it is often called.


Now, what are you doing?


About the Author: Moses Dzarmah is an Internet Junkie trying to pick bits of scraps from Technology to make something big at Techslize.



  1. there’s nothing surprising about Tecno and infinix takeover. The had their market strategy and then boom every piece fell to their favor like a game of dominoes.

    I had told my friends about 5 years ago that Tecno are cutting Samsung pound of flesh, only now they aren’t doing it alone cause infinix have joined the party.

  2. there’s nothing surprising about Tecno and infinix takeover. They had their market strategy and then boom every piece fell to their favor like a game of dominoes.

    I had told my friends about 5 years ago that Tecno are cutting Samsung pound of flesh, only now they aren’t doing it alone cause infinix have joined the party.

  3. Why tecno took over is because they keep up with the latest tech innovations while other relaxed with just producing java and symbian phones

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