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There has been sure a lot of speculations, even from when it all started, about what exactly might have been the cause of the persistent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions. Many people opined various reasons which they think could be the culprit, part of which were the battery – which took the highest suspicion – and some others.

Samsung target GTA mod video Of Note 7
GTA mod turned Galaxy Note 7 to a bomb GTA mod turned

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Later on, Samsung said that they, after some investigations, now know the cause of the explosions but were not ready to share it with the general public. But it all seems as though someone who is ready to share this priceless information has spoken up.

With that said, “a person familiar with the matter,” rather than an official source has told Reuters the cause of the Note 7 explosions.

The SDI batteries

Yes, the batteries from its sister company (SDI) could be the culprit, which is surely not too surprising as this was what every one had though out from the very beginning. What could cause an explosion if not the battery?

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The Phone design

Meanwhile, an independent group suggested that the issue was with the design of the phone. They claim that Samsung didn’t give the battery enough room to swell as it charged and discharged and that the clearances around the battery were too slim.

The second explanation sounds reasonable, considering that Samsung is still going to use SDI batteries for the Galaxy S8.

It could also be the case here because not given a battery enough room to swell during charging might actually be a valid reason to enable it explode.

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But then, we would just have to wait some more time – 24th to be precise – to hear from the original source.